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Thursday, October 6, 2011

OWS = Tea Party

Interesting that the original OWS was corrupted and subjugated by the Establishment Left even faster than the real Tea Party was hijacked by the Establishment R's.

For you Patriots who expect the "majority" of America (You know, the we outnumber them folks) to rise and defend Liberty, you'll notice that not one report of an organized Tea Party counter-protest has been reported in even one Occupy city.

Not one.

Not one III Patriot has waded into the mix, either.  (Myself included.)

Why not?

Because, my friends...they want it more

The Right is not motivated enough to get out there and challenge the Left in the street today when it is easy.  The weather is lovely.  The protesters are (for now) mostly wimpy hippies and kids.  Work is not an excuse, because the OWS crowd is there 24/7.

If not one single member of the Right is motivated enough or willing to risk themselves enough to stand in front of a marching line of idiot hippies (think of Tiananmen Square and the tank), then on what basis can one possibly trust that these same folks on the Right will do the work when it gets hard?

I have no intention of going to jail for smacking a hippie in Freedom Plaza (in DC).  I assure you that is what would happen.  What would it prove?  What would it attain?  Does anyone think it would actually be the spark that would start a serious national debate between Liberty & the Enemies of Liberty among us?

So if this is not the time for Patriots to meet the enemy...when?



  1. If the "useful idiots" on Wall Street and other cities who are demanding Obama's platform be adopted started hauling out AK's or whatever and began shooting the people who work there, a case could be made for the III to act, if law enforcement did not.

    As a fighter, you know full well that it is wise to avoid a strike by moving out of the way while positioning yourself for a more effective counter, letting your opponent exhaust himself.

    This OWS garbage is nothing more than an enraged fighter swinging blindly.

    And as such, he bears watching, lest he land a lucky punch, but other than that, let him exhaust himself...

    The III should really save themselves for the real fight. Think MW...4GW...when III strikes, it will be not from an enraged and impotent position or mind; rather, it will be surgical and telling.

    At least, that's how some see it...

  2. Trainer: I wish the Tea Party had the mettle to at least meet these folks on the street and shout it out. The Tea Party should be out there matching march for march and shout for shout.

    I agree, the III will likely not bother to get involved until things get hot & ugly.

    The thing that saddens me about that reality is once the III choose to get involved the only real path will be escalation until victory. We won't be able to walk it back. We'll be in Churchill's Hell with no choice but to keep going.

    But, it is imminent.


  3. They haven't made their positions clear enough to argue with. I've been engaging an acquaintance on email on the protests, which he supports and attended. Some of their complaints are valid: why no prosecutions of Wall Street? Stuff like you link from Denninger. There are a bunch of Ron Paul / End the Fed types sprinkled through the crowds.

    It may be that most of them are classic "useful idiots" and don't really know why they are there. A bunch are just upset that they are unemployed with not hope of getting a job.

    Of course I find them m irritating on a stylistic level, and their lack of focus. I will probably go down to see them myself later today or this weekend.

    Until they have some coherence to their demands how can you counter-protest them? What are you saying: We Support Wall Street Corruption? The media would LOVE to see the Tea Party step in that trap and become the "defenders of Wall Street".

    That would be a shame, because right now we know that Obama appointed Geithner, Obama appointed Holder who is too busy giving guns to Mexican drug cartels to prosecute Wall St. crooks, the Dems overwhelmingly supported TARP, Obama voted for TARP.

    I am thinking of listing these facts on a sign and closing it with Impeach Obama and see how much support I get. Maybe they are just having trouble closing the loop on their anger?


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