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Friday, October 7, 2011

Use Medical Pot? No Guns for You...

We posted yesterday and wondered just how FedGov might misuse the list of Medical pot buyers.  Now we know...

Washington Times reports that ATF has decided to deny firearms to those folks.

Good to see ATF has been de-fanged by GunWalker.  Good work.

Here's the story.



  1. That was about as predictable as the summer rains. As you said a couple of posts down, DC wants all power. All.

    It's part of their reason for making everything a felony. If felons aren't allowed to own weapons, make everyone a felon. How long until accidentally littering becomes felony?

  2. The Gunwalker thing kinda fell through, so they found another avenue to infringe on & revoke 2A.

    Sorry bastards!!!


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