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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Human Nature & Conspiracies

Have you ever noticed (in others, of course, not yourself) that when the apparant facts do not fit with pre-conceived notions, the immediate cry is Conspiracy!

Anything less than men and women on the gallows for X or Y "crime" is the result of cover-up, pay-off, conspiratorial back-room deals, et cetera.

Somethimes, maybe even often, that is the case.  Many people do not face the full vulnerability for their actions because of who they know and who they can buy.  That is demonstrable fact in our history.

But, folks, sometimes, it really isn't a mass-scale grand conspiracy.  Sometimes, it's just a group of individuals, who may or may not be working together, driving for the same goal.

Sometimes the head of an Agency really didn't know the operational details, and many, many times the head of said Agency had no part in the creation of the Op at all.

Sure, you can make the argument that the Captain is responsible for the sailor who runs the Aircraft Carrier on the reef, even if the Skipper is asleep.  I get it.

But by the same token, let's not give too much intellectual credit to the Political Class for grand schemes - we know that most of them are mental midgets, we know the nature of a bureaucracy simply can not keep a secret, we know they are just not very focused.

Yes, conspiracies happen.  Yes, bad people cover for one another, sometimes.

But especially at the US National level, before we credit our Masters with conspiratorial brilliance over any/every scandal we don't like, let's examine more basic motives: Greed, profit, power. 

There are large forces pushing the world in directions they approve...

There are bad people working together...

The have a numerical advantage, though not an intellectual or Common Sense advantage.

But there is an answer, every single time... 

But the answer will never come from the sofa. One must muster the drive to get close and go to work...as many times as necessary.


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