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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kerodin: Another Go Bag

This Go Bag has a purpose that is slightly different than the Maxpedition below.  You'll notice both Go Bags have been sanitized of gear on the outside before posting here online - no sense in advertising all my business.

I bought this Eagle A-III Pack about 6 years ago and it has served me without a single complaint.  I think Eagle is going out of business, which is a shame.  Their customer service has been great - I've been buying their gear for more than 20 years and I still own everything I've ever bought from them (and they are all still in great shape).

One complaint I have had for about 5 years, and I wrote Eagle about it, is that they have failed to keep up with the evolution of design and utility so many of their competitors have succeeded in mastering.  If you are searching for a pack/bag - consider the Eagle, but I honestly must counsel you to look at several brands before you hand over your dollars.  This is a very important purchase, and your survival may depend on the design you choose.

The A-III is a true 72 hour backpack, where the Maxpedition below is a 72 hour sling pack

Each has its place and purpose.

You won't go wrong with either product, depending on your needs.

One thing is certain: You need a serious Go Bag ready to go for immediate tactical action.  I set up all my bags for 72 hours of serious offensive and/or defensive action.  If you suddenly need to step off the porch, you need to reach for one pack and go.  Everyone in your Tribe needs the same ability.

Think about it.



  1. As the wars wind down (besides that, after X# deployments, the average soldier has all the gear he will ever need in one lifetime), most of these companies are already hitting a dry spell and will struggle to survive. I have a lot of Spec-Ops brand stuff that I bought as a soldier which still works fine and I noticed they're having a fire-sale as well now.

  2. One of the bigger problems we'll face as the world gets uglier is that so many folks who will need gear will not have made any investments. There's quit a bit of surplus (new and old) out there, and of course OpFor will donate some, but the ugly reality is that there will come a time when too many people do not have what they need.

    Valley Forge comes to mind...and FreeFor merchants will be no help.

    But: It is what it is...



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