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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liberty I: The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Folks, I am going to begin a short series of posts leading to a Call to Action.

This Call to Action will also include a Call to Arms, where appropriate, along the lines of the RTC events held in Atlanta.  Please understand: A Call to Arms is not a Call to Violence.  Warriors always let the other guy decide which path to walk...

You and I know that the republic is being murdered, and we have very little time.

We will not vote our way out of it. 

The real Tea Party folks - all of those millions of people who rose up before the Establishment hijacked the name and the Movement, are still out there.  Their voice has been stolen in the national discourse.  We sent 87 new "Tea Party" Republicans to Congress in 2010, and nearly all of them have proven that they are not Tea Party - they are Traitors.

We are the III.  We are made of sterner stuff.  It is easy to spot a III Patriot in a crowd of real Tea Party folks...and you know it.  It is time for us to take point...and not just from our keyboards.

Hundreds of you helped shape and write III to Liberty.  That book tells the world that we are the III Percent, we are the sons and daughters of John Parker and the original III Percent of Americans who finally stepped off the porch and ejected the King and his Loyalists from our home.

The time for mere keyboard action is long over.

There are, I hope, a few hundred thousand of us across the republic who would step off the porch...and we need to find them and have them stand with us in the face of the Enemies of Liberty.  They do not know we exist, they do not know where to find us...so we must go and find them and build the III Tribe...and make the Establishment tremble.

The time of letting the Enemies of Liberty have free run is over.  The only way they will stop is if we stop them.

We have about 53 weeks until Americans go to the polls again.  We need to make sure that we eject as many of those scoundrels as possible...but more importantly, we need to put the III Percent on the national map, we need to make it clear that from sea to shining sea this is a land of Liberty...and if you don't like it, it's time to put up, shut up, or get out...because the trials are about to begin.

Politics matters, even though we will never vote our way out of this ruin.

But if we use the election cycle to our advantage, to find our allies, to raise our voices, to show up and stand our ground in full kit...as was noted by Walter Zoomie in a comment on this blog, you'll notice LEO at the Atlanta Occupy chose to behave when armed Patriots were in the mix.  And LEO at the unarmed Occupy in Oakland chose a different path.

It is time that the modern III Percent lives up to our names.

I'll lay this out over a few posts, and I'll keep them bite-sized.

But the time to walk the talk is here. 

Yours in Liberty,



  1. I'll stand with you. And you know how to contact me.Enough said.


  2. Thank you, Gentlemen.

    Think 4GW & 5GW - there are times I'll be standing in the open in full kit for the world to see, and there'll be times to talk Liberty with old blue-haired ladies, and there will be times to go Ghost.

    This is, afterall, CA's Polygonal Battlespace. We must improvise, adapt and overcome...then we'll know Victory.


  3. I'm in K

    in libertatem et arma tuae

  4. A3, Brother. You know who I am and how to contact me.


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