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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pat Buchanan: The Conquest of the West

I've read every book (except Suicide which has not yet arrived) and almost every column Pat Buchanan has published.  I've shaken his hand (He would not know me).  I have been at several election events for him. I have had the pleasure of meeting his wife, briefly.

One of my prized possessions is a hand-written note he sent me regarding my first book, Our Fathers Weep.  I will be delivering a copy of our III book to him in the coming weeks.

It was when I read the Death of the West, wherein PJB analyzed the declining populations of the world who are the descendants of Sparta, Athens, Rome, London...and now our own republic, that I knew our fight for the survivial of Liberty was, ultimately, to be futile.

Why?  Because no other people of the Earth want genuine Liberty.

When we die, Liberty dies.

And we, as a people, are dying.  One simply can not defy basic arithmetic.

Liberty will live beneath my feet, and yours.  But we will fall, and the folks who occupy what was our ground will not stand in the name of Liberty.  Even if you do well with your children, they will one day die, and when they do they will be even more outnumbered than are we today.

I'll fight until I am dead, but I fight knowing that Liberty will die.

Here is Mr. Buchanan's latest. 

Defend Liberty until you die, my friends...there is nothing more we can do.



  1. I read Death of the West around Y2K or '01; it was haunting, and deadly accurate in its predictions. I have no doubt the new book will be excellent.

  2. Kerodin
    The world is a strange place, many things foreseen do not occur and those that were never expected have become commonplace. One thing is certain, when our time is up so are our concerns with the matters of this world. Do what you can as you can for whom you may and let God sort it out.

  3. Indeed. Once we step from this plane of existence to whatever is next, we leave to the living the work that must be done. Ultimately, it is their work to do in the first place - each man is responsible for the ground beneath his own feet and how he treats his fellow Man.

    While we do have obligations to one another, that only goes so far.

    Let's hope we can all leave this place having done even one thing that makes it better than when we arrived...

    Best to all,


  4. Mr. Buchanans latest book is a FANTASTIC read. I'm on my first of what will be many read throughs! I've also enjoyed the mans scribblings for as long as i can remember.
    I'll be buying many copies of it to gift to others and highly recommend it to ALL! Get ready...


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