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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Window is Closing...

The simple reality is that any fight for Restoration will require that FreeFor is able to maintain a veil of anonymity.  If every member of FreeFor is identifiable while OpFor is strong, it will be an easy feat to pick off the good guys.

You'll need to be able to move in anonymity.  You'll need to buy things anonymously.

It gets harder to do these things every day.

Kids in Florida are forced to surrender their fingerprints to get on the bus, and in LA kids have to submit to biometrics to get lunch. (InfoWars, here)

Cameras are everywhere and FBI is launching a facial recognition database. (Story here)

Internal checkpoints on the road and 4th Amendment violations at every turn.

There will come a moment when serious resistance becomes futile, for our Masters will be able to identify and shut down FreeFor actors quickly.

If you wait for OpFor to come to you, you can bet they'll have their ducks in a row when they begin.  It will be too late to do anything except meet them at your door...and die.

More on this topic soon.


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