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Friday, November 4, 2011

Balkanization of CONUS is the Death of Liberty

There are many who anticipate a Balkanization of CONUS. 

For some it is a Strategy for defeating the republic.  Smaller pieces of a pie are easier to eat.

Some in the Patriot Community are actively seeking the same ends, through secession.  The result will be the same - tyranny will win.

The Right to secede is one thing, and creating the circumstances in which few want to secede is a better goal (such as we had in 1791).

Simple fact of warfare - if this nation breaks up into pieces, she'll never be whole again and the concept of Liberty will be dead across the entire planet.

Several in our community are linking to a man who spent a year in a Balkan city under seige.

I'm linking him as well, and already added his site to the blog roll.

At the moment his site is still new, so reading through it from the beginning is easy, and I commend it to you.

Consider what is offered, keep what works for you, discard the rest.

Here is his first post. 

And do not forget Sam Webb: Here.



  1. This is a good subject for discussion.

    I would say, based on my last year of frequent flying, "anti-terror" on the roads in TN, and several other areas, that the death of liberty here in the US is well underway now. Balkanization has little to do with that, rather, this federal leviathan is mostly to blame.

    On the other hand, a people cannot truly be called "free" when getting firewood or water earns them a bullet from a rival faction's sniper. That blog is proof of that.

    I personally do not wish for that type of scenario, for myself or my family. Never. I don't think, however, that living in a artificial federal democracy is going to cut it in the long run, either.

    I think the original intent of the states (not talking about the "founders" here...) immediately after the revolution would look a lot like "balkanization" to us today, after living our entire lives under a federal leviathan.

    As long as idiots in California have an effect on the "air pollution guidelines" in freaking Alaska, liberty cannot be said to be truly alive. As long as people from Alaska (or anyone for that matter) cannot concealed carry in any state, without a permit, as they do at home, we cannot say we have an in-force second amendment.

    In a nation as big as ours, "diverse" as ours, and full of people wanting something for nothing, it is only a matter of time before liberty dies.

    A loose collection of independent and strong states loosely united by their affiliation with a weak federal government is the best bet, IMO.

    I just don't think FedGov will voluntarily loosen its grip.

    When a mugger grabs a person to deprive them of liberty or property, and the mugger and the victim get hurt, whose fault is it? Is it the victim's for resisting, or the mugger's for initiating the struggle?

    The end result is bad, but it is a product of resistance.

    Are you completely against secession then? Under what circumstances would you endorse it? How long should a state wait? How many state residents (of any given state) should submit to sexual assault and the violation of nearly every one of the Bill of Rights the existence of which, BTW, was a precondition to the ratification of the constitution and the joining of the "union".

    States are already "invaded" in fact by federal agents enforcing tyranny. States are already coerced via economic warfare into submission -see TX vs. TSA-. See Fairbanks, AK, where EPA regulations designed for San Francisco are threatening Alaskans' ability to burn wood in the winter without jumping through hoops.

    Balkanization is ugly, but there is no objective evidence pointing to anything other than tyranny. All of the objective evidence I see points straight at tyranny.

    Even OWS, the only *visible* sign of resistance to anything going on in the US, is most likely to end up being a tool of team tyranny.

    Those are my thoughts, scattered and of questionable value.

  2. I am For: The Right to secede.

    I am Against: Allowing the conditions that exist, which you accurately describe, to obtain.

    If we fix the problems of UNconstitutional behavior, States would lose interest in secession.

    The only way to get there: Evict or force to stand trial and face the gallows every man and woman in this country who thinks that he has a Right, through the force of Government, to infringe upon your Natural Rights.

    Get rid of those idiots, and we have no reason to secede.

    But the simple logistics of secession demand failure. The States that secede in the name of Blue will never let those of the Red live in peace. And, they will enlist the aid of their Comrades in China, Russia, North Korea to help "Liberate" the poor oppressed masses in the new coalition of Red states.

    And they will win.

    Secession is suicide.

    Let's fix the reasons a State would want to secede (rather than forcing them to stay, as in RevWarTwo) by getting rid of the Liberals/Socialists/Communists and all other Enemies of Liberty.

    By definition, Liberalism is Treason: Liberals seek to do extraconstitutional and unconstitutional acts by force of arms (Yes, that IRS guy demanding tithe is armed and will kill you for your money), and that is levying war to overthrow the legitimate government of the republic.

    That is Treason.

    It is time we were done with the political correctness that permits Liberals and their tyrannical comrades to hide behind 1A while murdering the republic.


  3. Dear Kerodin-

    Russ Longcore here from DumpDC.com, the #1 secessionist website on the planet. I will write an article to challenge your thoughts about secession...respectfully.

    Warm regards, Russ

  4. Russell! I look forward to it.

    ALSO: I tried sending you several emails (business related) but they all get bounced back (I can't send email to anyone on ATT it seems.)


  5. Here's to getting there without the ugliness...

    And here's to preparing for it all the more fervently.

    I appreciate you fleshing out your position in response to my comment.

    But anyway, really, what sort of crazies would want to opt out of the utopia we have now? ;-)


  6. AP: I am convinced you are right about continuing to prep, because folks like those in Oakland are just a tiny example of what very bad men have in store for us all.

    There will be times to fight, times to run and times to get into the deepest hole possible.

    Stay safe.



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