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Friday, November 4, 2011

III: Agents Provocateur Stage

I have had several parallel conversations recently, some with names you'd know from our community, and some you wouldn't know.

One of our best Bloggers has some ideas forming and I look forward to the time he is able to flesh it out and post on the topic of using techniques to ruffle feathers and misdirect the Enemies of Liberty who are forming around the Occupy folks.  He's particularly taken note of Israeli tactics to get what they want from their enemies.

Another Patriot is considering low-risk ops for his Team that will embarrass our Enemies while giving his guys unit cohesion and real training.

Now look into the future, particularly Spring 2012.  The political season will be in full swing.  You can look for the Occupy folks to come back with a serious escalation of energy and intent (they'll likely head home once real winter arrives).  You can (I hope) look for the Tea Party folk to be back in the streets as a counter-weight.

And where do we fit into the mix?  I am specifically referring to those of you who consider yourself III Patriots, those of you who intend, one day, that you will be forced from the porch and into a serious Ruckus.  What can we do in the silly season of Spring & Summer to disrupt the intent and weaken the strength of the Enemies of Liberty?

Start thinking about it now.  Work out the kinks.  Assemble your Team.  Work your AO.

Spring and summer will likely be the best training ground you'll get before the serious work begins.

Political Masters in this country intend to put the Occupy mobs back into the field in the Spring - what can you and your Team do to disrupt the message, confuse the Useful Idiots and get them spinning or charging in the wrong direction?  What can your Team do to dilute their effectiveness?

Think Dirty Tricks.  Think PsyOps.  Think embarrassment and ridicule.  Most of all, think about getting your Team some real-time experience.  Think about getting your Team in and out without being identified.  This is not about violence, this is about out-thinking your enemies in a non-violent environment and making them look foolish, making them give in to their emotions and ramping up their frustrations until they make serious mistakes.

Remember: Hearts and Minds matter once it gets real.  Popular support will matter in a Ruckus.  If the Occupy folks and their Masters look like the bad guys (that they are), then the Silent Majority will look with favor upon our side when it gets ugly.

Think about it...and then do it.



  1. If the Occupy folks and their Masters look like the bad guys (that they are), then the Silent Majority will look with favor upon our side when it gets ugly.

    Right on.

  2. Excellent post.

    2012 is going to be interesting, important, and fateful.



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