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Friday, November 4, 2011

Consider your Sons of Liberty history - Right Now

The Sons of Liberty Flag

Folks, this is a re-post.  I'm putting it here because it fits with the one immediately below about the Spring & Summer of 2012 that is coming fast. 

Use this winter very, very wisely my friends.

Do all of the things you need to do to ensure that you and yours are as safe as can be.

Study your Sons of Liberty history and look into the spring.

A Liberty Pole was a pole set by the Sons of Liberty as a meeting place for their members. The poles quickly became a rallying point in the war leading up to shots being fired in Lexington & Concord. The British would tear down the poles and the Sons of Liberty would immediately put up a new one. There were several skirmishes between the two sides. Consider the Battle of Golden Hill, here.

The Sons of Liberty were active in every colony and they were very politically active, meeting often to discuss which candidates they would support to effect political change. The British began to denigrate the Sons of Liberty quickly, and many of the public meetings held by the Sons of Liberty turned violent - usually against commercial interests of Loyalists.

Protesting the Stamp Act the Sons of Liberty in Boston burned the effigy of Andrew Oliver in the streets to protest his office as Stamp distributor. Oliver refused to resign...so the Sons of Liberty burned his office building to the ground. The Sons of Liberty then marched on the home of Lt. Governor Thomas Hutchinson and burned it down. The result: Many Stamp officials resigned in fear.

In 1772 the HMS Gaspee was enforcing trade regulations that hurt the Colonies. When Gaspee ran aground a group of Patriots rowed out to the bellied ship, attacked her, boarded her, looted her and burned her to the keel.

In 1773 the New York Sons of Liberty distributed a warning in print against anyone supporting the Tea Act. They warned that anyone supporting the Tea Act was an enemy of Liberties of America and that whoever shall transgress any of these resolutions, we will not deal with, or employ, or have any connection with him.

Then, of course, The Sons of Liberty effected the Boston Tea Party.

After the War, the Sons of Liberty called for the expulsion of remaining Loyalists and confiscation of their property.

Modern III Patriots: Each of these acts today would be a felony, just as it was when undertaken by the original Sons of Liberty.

The answer to our problems in 2011 is the same as 1772. Our Founding generation provided a blueprint for correcting our national course.

Do we have the same mettle to follow the plan, today?

Read more on this topic at Kerodin.com, here.


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