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Friday, November 4, 2011

When in Rome...

OK - so, you are Greece.  You like short work days, long lunch breaks, longer vacations, free medicine, and early retirements.

Predatory Banksters see what you want and give it to you, and you promise to pay the banks back on Tuesday for fun today, aka The Wimpy Doctrine..

Now, remember, the banks knew you were Socialistic in nature, you don't want to work hard, and you've got an FU streak in your DNA that pre-dates Christ.

But the banks lend and lend and lend...until the inevitable happens.  Greeks must work harder to pay the bills.

Please remember - the banks knew to whom they were lending.  That's what banks do.  They look at someone who wants money and - supposedly - consider the risk before lending the money.  Bad risk should mean no loans.  But that's not how Banksters play the game.

The Banksters have a scheme.  They think they can keep lending and lending to Socialistic Black Holes and noone would dare let them fail, because the domino effect will topple every Western Government.  So...they lend and lend and lend some more.  Banksters from countries all over the world lend to the Greeks.  Remember, we know the Greeks are work-averse these days.

The Banksters play the same game all over Europe and in the US.

When the bills are handed to the Greeks, and the Greek people are told they must now work harder for less, the Greeks say...FU.

The smartest Greeks are saying FU Banksters...you knew we were Greek when you lent us money, and you knew we were Greeks when you kept lending us money.  You knew we'd never work hard enough to pay back the interest you are demanding.


So now the Greeks look around and the obvious solution is, well, obvious.  We (the Greek people) tell the greedy and stupid Banksters from France, Germany, and every other country that lent us money to F*Off, we aren't paying, and we are certainly not going to work harder just to pay you back extortionate interest rates.

The EU makes threats to the Greeks.  The Greeks say, well, you know the answer by now: F...U... EU, and the horse you rode in on. (I bet that sounds cooler in Greek).

The Greeks tell the EU: We don't need your stinkin' Union, so quitting your little game looks like a good idea right about nowHow about this (Say the Greeks) FU sideways, we leave the EU, you eat your losses, we print our own money again and we won't pay you one f'n drachma. 

We'll call it a return to Nationalism.

This puts the rest of Europe into the horrible night-terrors.  If the Greeks tell the Banksters to eat it, what is to stop the Italians and other insolvent EU nations from flipping us the same middle digit?  Then we (the Banksters) get no money and we have to work for a living...flipping burgers for the Greeks, because the banks will implode and the Banksters will be out of work.

If the Greeks can do it, so can the Italians:

...as will the Portuguese and Spaniards.

The average Greek will laugh at any suggestion that Germans or Frenchmen will turn to the only remaining remedy to collect...guns.  Indeed, that will be the only way the Banksters who have invested in Greece will ever get their money back.  But the average Greek is smart enough to know that they are only the G in PIGS.

The Greek will laugh and dance at any such threat that a German or Frenchman with a rifle will show up at their border, because the other PIGS (Portuguese, Italians and Spaniards) will side with Greece...for they are all in the same boat, with even more debt owed to the same Banksters.

The European Union is done.  Dead Union Walking, because the unproductive outnumber the productive. 

Welcome to the end-state of Socialism - eventually you run out of other people's money and the lazy will flip you off when you want the rent.  They'll find their National pride and tell you to suck wind and make the puffy-face...because we ain't payin'.

We are witnessing a very exciting time in human history.

The most conservative estimates I have found indicate that American Too Big to Fail banks are exposed to at least a trillion in the EU...that's twelve zeros.

Will the implosion of the EU lead to hot wars as newly revitalized nations fight one another for assets as repayment?  Very possible.  Will the EU collapse detonate our own TBTF banks, becoming the tripwire for our own moment of truth?  Very possible.

Two great tastes that taste great together - the failure of Socialism at the expense of Banksters/Politicians/Corporate Globalists.

It's a good day. 

And if it leads to the necessary cleansing of Corporate/Banking America as a result, even better.  Because America simply can not survive until we cull the herd of the parasites among us, from the Americans (like those Greeks) who have their hands out taking government freebies (stolen from the productive), to the same Banksters and Corporate and Political thieves we have in our own midst.

Disclaimer: These are very clever and desperate Banksters/Politicians and Global Corporate folks who will use every tool in their toolboxes to delay this imminent implosion for as long as possible.  I do not know how long they can keep all of the plates in the air.  But one day, sooner than later, the first plate will crash to the ground, followed very quickly by the rest.

That is when it gets ugly in America.

That is when food, water, medicine and electricity become deadly serious matters in America.

I'm fine with it, in a saddened and resigned manner.  It is bad medicine, but it must be endured.  The Status Quo cannot hold.  Liberty will only have a chance at rebirth in America in the hottest forge of Civil War.

So I ask the same questions asked by so many of our best thinkers: Got Tribe/Militia/Prep?

Have you got what it takes to do the ugly work necessary for Liberty to re-emerge in America and return to our republican roots?

And when the Enemies of Liberty in America beg for your mercy (even though they have been enslaving you for your entire lives, and mean to have more of it), will you share the Greek sentiment and offer the Traitor before you the proper response...

Brace for impact...

Here is Pat Buchanan's take on it.


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