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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Bada Boom...

They want it more.

The Left wants what they want more than any coalition in America wants Liberty.

Bank Transfer Day: The Left has decided that by November 5th they will go to their Big Bank and take out their money and give it to smaller Credit Unions and hometown banks.

Now, I don't have any problem with that, at all.  It could amount to a run on the Big Banks, and it could trigger a genuine Implosion as our Big Banks simply do not have enough cash on hand to give even a small percentage of their depositors the cash they supposedly own.

Liberty 1 - Banksters 0

AP and I discussed this concept in a Comments section the other day - the ability to direct and control a mob.  We likened the mob to fire, a very dangerous tool that could take on a life of its own.  The Occupy and other Left activities have been fueled by the Political Class, our Masters who thought they could control the dog on the leash.

Our Masters are learning - quickly - that it is a monster at the end of the leash.

There is genuine panic gripping many in DC this weekend.  If Transfer Day hits hard, SHTF could follow in days.  A genuine run on the banks means they implode, or they get loans (newly printed Fed/Treasury money) in such immense quantities that the dollar implodes. 

Either way, same result...if they actually follow through in significant numbers.

The Facebook page has in excess of 80,000 folks signed on as part of the Transfer Day.

When is the last time 80,000 Constitutionalists did anything?

Do you understand where the true power lies?

It is not with you and I who look kindly upon Jeffersonian Liberty.


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  1. Before my wife and I met, I always had an account at the local credit union. My wife had her account at BofA. After showing her several articles on BofA, I convinced her to open an account at my credit union. This was a couple of weeks ago. I know of several sources sans OWS who have been telling people to get their money out of the big banks long before OWS. So this is not necessarily a "OWS thing". Everyone, left, right, in be-tween should get their money out of the "to big to fail" banks. My wife did it for 2 reasons ... screw them ... and a sense of protection of her accounts in case "the to big to fail" fails.

    By the way, I was picking up the "money transfer" bit on twitter last night.

    Anyhow, like you said, OWS-1 Patriots-0.


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