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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crockett Kelley

A Texan.  Firearms instructor.  Won't train Muslims or Obama supporters.

...and that's how you do that.

Do you have the same courage to employ the same tactics in your daily relationships?

Some folks might call you impolite.  Rude.  Mean.  Bigoted.


Here's the article.



  1. "some" on the nominal right would say "'the personal is political' is a leftist slogan! you shouldn't discriminate!"

    To which I answer, yes, past a certain point, the personal and political do become indistinguishable.

  2. As a contractor who deals mainly w/homeowners, I have considered posting on the Co. website's blog that we prefer not to do work for Obama supporters. The rationale being that they have already proven they use poor judgement, and given the opportunity to choose between my and a competitors bid, I can only assume they would do the same. Most likely, they would be the type of "citizen" who would be looking for something for nothing. Got enough of those, thanks.
    Might be a good experiment to determine if there are enough Patriots in my customer base (doubtful) to outweigh the Progressives.


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