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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

III Percent 2012 Political Platform

This may be a good time to remind everyone what our book III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution is and is intended to be.

First, our goal was to lay out a concise set of fundamental Liberties, those embodied in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights, those that are unalienable, those that belong to every human being simply by Right of birth and may never be morally infringed by any Government, majority or individual.  We were not re-inventing the wheel, instead simply reminding folks of what our Founders knew to be true.

This book was intended to declare exactly where we, the III Percent, stood on the political spectrum.  We kept it simple.  We used the words and pictures of our Founders.

It is a genuine Political Platform for this election cycle (though it is, truly, timeless).

Concerned American, TL Davis, Arctic Patriot, Alvie D. Zane and Mike Brahier took the time and energy to each write a spectacular essay exclusively for this project.

Over the course of more than a month at Kerodin.com we used polls every single day to refine our positions as, literally, hundreds and hundreds of you weighed-in to include X, exclude Y, or nuance Z.

The final product is ours: The III Percent.

It is our Political Platform.

It declares to the world that we hold innate Rights to be self-evident and it declares that while we are the most tolerant People on Earth, there are limits to the burdens and injustices we will accept...even from our own neighbors.

My friends, this is the book we need to put into the hands of our allies who have not yet found us.  This is the book that we need to deliver, free, to every FFL & Gun Shop in our Battleground States so that our natural allies will finally understand that their frustrations, the feelings they have not yet been able to express, the hopes they have for what was promised to us all, has a title: The III Percent.

The originial III met the Enemy at Lexington and Concord, marched with Washington, took arms and took to the field and killed the Enemies of Liberty.  But fighting was not the Revolution...it was the end of the Revolution. It was the necessary conclusion and expulsion of Tyranny. 

Politics was the Revolution.  Men and women meeting in places like the Green Dragon Tavern to talk about how they were being treated versus how they would demand to be respected.

By any means necessary.

The Revolution happened before the first shot was ever fired.

If you want Liberty again in your lifetime for your children, you must have allies.  Any man can defend his own Liberty, that patch of ground beneath his own feet.  You can die alone a free man at Liberty.  If that's good enough for you, so be it.

It takes an entire People to protect one another.  We are not there yet.

The Enemies of Liberty are greater in numbers, resources, and today, in desire.

We never need as many as our Enemies may have...but we need more allies than we have now.

Those Patriots we need in our ranks visit Gun Shops and Gun Shows every single day of the year, and that is where you will find your allies.  But we have to reach out to them.

That is why we invested our time, energy and treasure into the creation of this Political Platform...to reclaim our place and to bring our allies into camp.

That is why I have asked you to buy a dozen copies at wholesale and deliver 2-3 copies to each Gun Shop in your AO.  If I could do it alone, I would.  I do not have enough money or time. 

Even if I had enough books and nothing else to do, there is no way Mrs. Kerodin & I could drive to every Gun Shop and FFL across Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico - that's 10 States and the election is now just over 12 months away.

This is our modern Common Sense.  Thomas Paine was read by nearly every Patriot in our Founding generation.  That is how so many Patriots were on the same page, as it were, when they met, when the Sons of Liberty started lighting fires, and when the real fighting began.

I won't ask again for your help in this endeavor.  This is Liberty.

Either you get it, or you don't.

If you can buy and deliver copies: Buy Here

If you can buy but not deliver: The Donate Button is in the upper right corner (or you can email me if you need a secure snail mail address).

If you can't buy but you have the time/means to deliver: Email me with your name & city.

Yours in Liberty,


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