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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk the Talk or STFU

There is a thread going over at CA's place that articulates one of the biggest problems facing the Patriot Community.

There are those in this community who advocate that politics is useless, it's all over except the violence.  That is a fair position.

There are others who believe that violence is imminent, but politics is a vital part of the process.  This, too, is a fair position.

I am in the latter camp.  I have read our history, and I have read the history of others.  I know that without the work of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams (both) Hancock and others, the work of Washington would have been futile.

Politics is never, ever irrelevant.

Violence and war are merely hot politics.

If you advocate that everything is over except for the violence, and you don't leave your porch, right now, when you are as young and able as you will ever be, and you are calling for others to leave their porches, you are a f'n coward.  If you call for violence or call for making "credible threats" then do it.  Live your philosophy.

But if you don't follow through, you are a f'n coward doing damage to the chances of Restoration.

Why?  Because serious men will not take you seriously if you don't walk the talk.

It's that simple.

If you say something, mean it.  Stand behind it, for the love of everything, or don't f'n say it in the first place!  Why?  Because your inaction, your stench, infects those standing near you.  Serious men look at you and ascribe your lack of intent and mettle to those around you.

Sh*t splatters.

Liberty will never be restored by hyperbole or bluff.

There are a few people in this community who call upon others to do work or take action...yet the person calling for action doesn't do the same.  Ask yourself...why?

The answer is obvious to serious men.

I have met TL & CA, face-to-face.  Both are serious men who will not hesitate to do what they feel is right, when the time is right.  I know enough about Bill Nye, AP, Rich, Alan, Curtis, one in Tennessee, and a few others to know that the only reason they have not left the porch yet is because they have chosen not to do so - you have never seen any of these men issue idle threats or call on you to do something that they are not doing. 

Why not?  Because if they ever issue a threat, you can bet your arse they'll carry it through...though I don't think any of them would be silly enough to post "Hey, guys - I'm leaving my porch now!"

Serious men do not issue idle threats.

Serious men do not call upon others to go into the muck while bellowing orders from the porch.

Serious men just get into the muck, and if anyone follows, so be it.

If you are calling for men to enter the muck, you'd better already be in it, or you expose your true mettle for all to see.

Here's the thread if you want it.


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