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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classic Police State and You Know It...What's Next?

This is just one example of current DHS poster being issued all over the country.  This one hits college kids.

Here's another for Florida:

There are many.

This is textbook stuff, folks.  We have people in power who have studied Mischa Wolfe and his Stasi, among other world tyrants.

This is rhetorical, do not be so silly as to post your answers: Do you intend to live this way?  Do you intend to let your children suffer the indignities that must follow?  If you die without handling these problems, you surrender your children to the whims of sadists and tyrants.

No God in any Heaven will forgive you for leaving your children to people who idolize Mischa Wolfe, Stalin, Lenin, Mao...

"Hell no!" is not a sufficient answer.

Start by identifying just three responses to these Enemies of Liberty.

Just three.

You can probably find three within a five minute drive from your front porch.

Just think about it...but not for too long.  Your enemies are no longer thinking, they are doing.


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