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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Look into your future, Patriots...

The key to this piece: No LEO in the mix.  They laid low.  Just as they did in LA when it got serious.

Patriots have two key forces to consider: LEO and the Mass Mob.

You have no defense against mass mobs, except to be somewhere else.

LEO knows that fact.

Both are controlled by our Political Masters.

Use this information as you will.

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  1. Another data point-

    The "occupy" -and other mob type events- movements seem to be strongest in areas where firearms are all but verboten, making an individual, family unit, or small group less likely to have a chance should they evoke the mob's ire.

    I think this movement may lose some momentum in the winter (unless the nice folks involved read my "staying warm" series), but pick up again and merge with the political strife coming in 2012.

    Every part of me is screaming that this is going to get very ugly.



  2. A question-

    Can "the mob" be controlled? I don't think so, not absolutely.

    Is there any way at all this conflict can be used to de-legitimize the enemy and the mob at the same time?

    I mean, mainstreet USA isn't ready to sympathize with the "Occupy" folks rioting, IMO. How far would one have to push, theoretically speaking, to push the folks in the "occupy" movement to that point?

    They're a mob, sure, but the thing about mobs is that they cannot truly be controlled. By anyone.

    But mobs, like herds, surely can be stampeded.


  3. I have to think that all of the Occupy locations are a "Systems Test" for future action. A crowd, like fire, is a dangerous tool. You can start it, you can even point it in a general direction, but it can take on a life of its own...

    Notice that all of the cities involved were patient, and almost in unison the cities began to rein them in? It's like flexing a muscle...and it has an affect on the Useful Idiots, too - they get angry at "the Government" for "clamping down" on them.

    So, next time, they resist even harder and do more damage, never connecting the dots that it is "the Government" that's really pulling their strings. The classic manipulation of Useful Idiots.

    The next wave will probably not hit until next year when spring breaks and the election is in full swing. Then...I would suggest everyone in a major city has another place to be...

    Stay safe.



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