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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Many of you know that since I was introduced to KD over at CA's place, I have followed his Ticker daily.

I have found Karl to be a very quick mind, intelligent, accomplished with many serious businesses (and diverse) in his background.  When it comes to financial analyses, I have not yet found fault.

When it comes to political analyses...I am not as confident.

First, he voted for President Obama.  Had that been a financial decision, he'd now be a pauper.

Second, he has, it seems to me, an axe to grind against the Tea Party.  Now, I get that and I know many of you do, too - the real Tea Party was hijacked.  But that doesn't mean that the people who were there in the beginning of the Tea Party are gone, or duped.  Some, sure, but most of those folks who I know just got disgusted and walked away.

Karl posted an OWS working group position paper that, essentially, mimicks Jefferson and leaves Hamilton out of the mix.  I can live with that.  Karl is declaring, with just a hint of reservation, that this is evidence that Occupy is essentially the new and real Tea Party.

But, every political sense I have is screaming that this is merely more PsyOps and obfuscation by the folks pulling the strings behind the scenes of the Occupy Useful Idiots. 

The more the Occupy folks "seem" to be inline with Jefferson, fly Gadsden, affirm their love of the Constitution as ratified...the harder it gets for real Constitutionalists to make an argument against them.

And at the end of the day, I do not see the Occupy folks sticking with any Jeffersonian vision of the republic.

They will look to expand General Welfare, Interstate Commerce and Necessary & Proper as unbound license to redistribute wealth in the name of the Constitution.

Time will tell where the true center of power exists in the Occupy Movement, but I would caution all of us to look for the hook before biting the bait on this Movement.

Here's KD's piece.



  1. Denninger does say, "...this is one of many working groups and has no force of consensus in the form of having passed a General Assembly."

    So that said, this is a laudable effort by a faction of the OWS who most likely really are patriots to generate a constitutional restoration through popular support.

    However, based upon the list of totalitarian groups comprised of marxists, nazis, communists, socialists, and jihadis (CAIR is right in there, too), I would agree with you that this is being allowed by the great majority of OWS organizers/sponsors to lull Joe and Jane Q. Public into a false sense of security, and thereby lowering what defenses of skepticism they might have currently engaged.

    Then, when one takes what's going on in Oakland right now, and the recent publishing of the "Are You a Pacifist" flier by the so-called, "Oakland Liberation Front" (a Marxist/Lenninist inspired moniker if I ever saw one) calling for violence and stating that pacifists "hold the cock of the Empire in their supple hands" ( http://www.theblaze.com/stories/oakland-liberation-front-leaflet-slams-pacifists-as-wimpy-unpaid-soldiers-of-the-banksters/ ) I completely agree with you.

    And OWS is just getting warmed up...many mayors are trying to shut down the protests now, some subtly, others not so much, and that's where the sparks are going to touch off the powder keg.

    The only thing OWS has against it right now is the season. Winter is always a bad time to start a campaign as it favors the defenders....

  2. The Tea party will have a profound effect on elections though, as we are still here.

    I also follow him on my reader and agree with your statements. He's been on a tear recently cherry picking photos that show his side of the story. I have no use for someone who doesn't look at both sides of the coin which he certainly isn't on this. Just look at these pictures.


  3. Don't we honestly know already where the center lies in the Occupy Whatever movement? With every communist or fascist organization funding or endorsing them already? For example:
    Communist Party USA
    American Nazi Party
    Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
    North Korean government
    Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
    Revolutionary Communist Party
    David Duke
    Hugo Chavez
    Revolutionary Guards of Iran
    Black Panthers (original, not the "New")
    Socialist Party USA
    Communist Party of China
    International Socialist Organization
    PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
    Marxist Student Union
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization
    Party for Socialism and Liberation

    If there's any liberty minded group in there, I haven't found it.

    There's two responses to the idea that the bank bailouts were wrong. My view is don't give bailouts. Shrink the government so it can't. Their idea is apparently "give me the money".


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