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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Does the III have 300?

King Leonidas

We look reverently to our Founding Generation. 

These men and women inspire us, churn passions that are the basest in nature...Freedom and Liberty.

They took risks.  To be certain, the King would have killed many of them if he ever had the chance.  But for the most part, the Founders we call to mind most easily (save Washington) were not combatants.  They were politicians.  When they took personal risks, it was often in the earliest days, stoking and guiding and, at times, participating in Sons of Liberty style events.

Nathan Hale was caught, and he may be the closest of that generation that we would call a martyr.

Martyr is a big word in the history of our world.

Martyrs can change the course of history.

Most folks associate Martyrdom with a willful death in the name of a cause.  See Jesus.

Most Americans simply don't have that gene, I think.  This is why we do not have American suicide bombers.  Sure, we'll risk death when it matters, but we aren't stepping into the muck with the intent to be killed, become a martyr, and thus shift the course of history.

We'd rather kick arse, win, and avoid the whole death experience, if possible.

Makes sense to me.

But as you consider your place in our current debates, permit your mind to wander the avenue of martyrdom and the power that comes with a man or woman who takes a stand, refuses to yield, and is willing to suffer the consequences.

Until we have men and women who are willing to risk it all, willing to be labeled as martyrs by history, willing to take the field or die trying, we are spinning our wheels.

I have no intention of ever becoming a martyr.  It simply is not on my bucket list.

I plan to win, and I will often build-in an exit strategy. 

There are times I step up and refuse to yield.  You don't need the details about those moments.

But until we stop drawing our lines in the sand in the safety zone, Liberty will never exist in this country again.  We all do it, to some extent.  We only buy the 2A "They" permit us to buy, after the proper forms have been submitted and approved.  We allow Them to go knuckles-deep in our wives and children at airports, train stations, and coming soon to a highway near you.  Too many of us hold our tongues in the face of Liberal stupidity.  Most of us pay our taxes, as demanded.   

Until we refuse to yield further to infringements of 1A, 2A, 4A, 9A, 10A, until we muster the will of Leonidas, or Jesus if you prefer,  that we simply are ready to die on this point of Principle...we will remain slaves.

Remain slaves...not become slaves.

We are all slaves, right now.  Lie to yourself if you wish.  But Free men at Liberty do not comply with the injustices with which we comply.  Free men at Liberty never look over their shoulders for the G-Man.

Until that pisses you off enough to become a martyr, if it must come to that, you'll remain a slave...and you give your children that same eternity.

King Leonidas died August 9, 480 BC.  Why do we know this?  You know why.


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