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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Looking at the poll on the right of the blog about the potential for a 2012 Patriot Convention leads me to a few conclusions.

Firstly, given the number of people who visit this blog every day (and I thank you all), the percentage of people who participated in the poll is very low.  When I was posting a poll almost daily during our writing of III to Liberty, the interaction rate was much, much higher.

So, I assume from the general silence, that most people are not interested.  Of the folks who bothered to click the button, the sentiment is obvious.  But of those 37 of you who voted Yes...is it worth it even if all of you managed to agree on a time and place?

I know that simply because past attempts may have had dismal turnout we should not discount the potential for a better result this time...but we must admit the reality for success is low. 

Would our time and resources spent this spring and summer showing up in kit, armed where legal, at Tea Parties, Occupy Events, and other political gatherings be a better way to spread the message?  Since we are all spread relatively far and wide, we can cover a lot more territory, spending fewer resources, especially if we have a set of talking points that can be agreed upon online.

Side note: First Impressions matter.  There is a time and place for cammies.  Personally, you'll never find me in cammies at a political event, especially if I choose to represent the III.  A tactical III cap, OD Go Bag, blue jeans, and whatever 2A I am legally permitted make a statement without bringing stereotypes immediately into play.

CA offered three for our purposes that make a lot of sense.  I'll take the liberty to repeat them here:

1) Does anyone have the RIGHT to tell you what you can do to and with your BODY, so long as you are not harming another person or their property?

2) Does anyone have the RIGHT to tell you what you can do to and with your PROPERTY, regardless of type, so long as you are not harming another person or their property?

3) Does anyone have the RIGHT to tell you what you must do to and with your CHILD, so long as you are not hurting that child and are providing her with food/clothing/shelter/moral and other educational instruction?

Here is the link to the thread, which is worth your time to read.

If we make it a point to be where the people and media choose to be, discussing our points or handing out fliers, or pocket Constitutions, we will get attention simply by being armed and geared-up.  Keep it simple and legal.  Use small words - our college kids today don't have the vocabulary one might expect.  Stand your ground, state your piece, and do not back up.

If you will not be a modern Son or Daughter of Liberty, who will?

Sandman over at Curtis' place did it just the other day.  He walked into an Occupy camp, identified himself, and found some of these folks are actually capable of and willing to listen.  They may not be converts...but at least at the end of the day, they can never say they weren't warned...

Wear your III tactical cap.  Be an Ambassador.  If you find someone who genuinely wants to learn, give him a DoI, Constitution or BoR so he can read the words, unfiltered by his professors.  If you meet an idiot, treat him like an idiot.  Get it on video for youtube, if possible.  ;)

We are the III.  We are not, and never will be an Army.  We are the shock troops, the scouts, the ones who are best suited to solo and small team ops.  One Ranger per riot, one III'per per Occupy.

But if you want a PatriotCon, the time is now to speak up.  TL mentioned it a month or more ago.  It's been mentioned here and there.  It's on the table here, now.  Any spring event needs to be worked out now, lead time is essential.

One thing is certain: When the Spring weather breaks, Occupy and Tea Party and other political groups will be out there.  We should be among them.

Off topic: Brock and William, thank you very much for taking the time to write a review of III to Liberty at Amazon. 


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  1. Using online for crystalizing the philosophy and sharpening the talking points followed by face-to-face at the local and state levels might be the best way to go at this point. Some of the local Tea Party reps have even attended gun shows.

    I know I keep quoting the old 2A group that I was with back in the 90s that could field 100 guys on the street, but one thing I helped institute with that was the NO CAMO rule. Why? It was during the media's heavy fixation on scaring people about the militia. Prior to that, the one guy who showed up in the M-65 jacket holding a sign with a comment about his cold dead fingers would have the cameras all over him. Got him to go with the program and it didn't take long before we had doctors, lawyers, and university professors (yes, really) joining up to protect the 2A. Those are the people able to reason with the moderates.

    First impressions still matter right now.


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