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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Enemy of your Enemy may be your Enemy, too...

Many in our community are looking at individuals in the Occupy mix and trying to find common ground upon which to potentially build an alliance.

I get it.  It is prudent to explore possibilities.

I have a single caution:  If you ally with an enemy of your enemy who does not share your views about the EndGame, there will probably come a time when, after vanquishing your common enemy, you and your short-term ally may part ways peacefully.

Or, one of you may decide that there can be only one.

Never forget that you may have no choice but to keep General Mattis in mind.

Be polite.  Be courteous.  Have a plan to kill everyone you meet...

Be very careful about the man or woman you permit to stand at your shoulder, or cover your back.



  1. It is as you say. Have a plan to kill, not simply kill. This general made a living allying with Iraqis of dubious motivation.

    The Americans truly interested in liberty are too few, too late. Look at RTC. Guardians. Too many are hung up on right/left when they should be facing front. Too many just want to buy crap and wait for some "collapse" to set things straight.

    That's called surrender.

    What I propose might not sit well with anyone, but it's a damned sight better than just sitting there. So is your chosen path.

    Two guns against one permits base of fire and maneuver. A 3 way pins everyone.

    Occupy is the support-by-fire element. We can flank left or right, or sit there.

    You know I think your endeavor (politics-based) is likely equally as futile as you see mine.

    Involvement in politics shares many of the same risks. You are helping to elect collectivists, tyrants, and oathbreakers just the same. Witness EVERY tea party electee. And in our system, they are "exterme"!

    One path is no cleaner or more safe than the other. I guess that's what I'm getting at.

  2. I have come to the conclusion, when it all falls down, that not only will I be shooting everyone on the left, but the right ... and probably the middle too.

  3. Have you heard the tale of the scorpion and the fox? there was a forest fire and the fox was about to swim across a river to escape the fire... The scorpion begged the fox to carry him across to safety "Or I shall surely perish in the flames!" said the scorpion. The fox replied "You will sting me as I swim and I shall drown!" "I will not, I promise!" said the scorpion, "if I sting you then I would drown with you". The fox could find no fault with this logic so he agreed to carry the scorpion on his back across the river. Halfway across the fox felt a horrible burning pain in his back, in surprise and shock he said to the scorpion "Why did you sting me? Now we shall both perish! The scorpion replied "You knew what I was when you agreed to carry me across, what else did you expect from a scorpion!"

  4. They aren't the enemy of our enemy. They are simply two factions in a power struggle among our enemies. Their only bitch is that they thought they would be in the 1% but aren't.

    They aren't fighting the system, they are just putting in an application for membership.

  5. And the last thing the scorpion said to the fox was, "by the way... did you know that scorpions can swim?"

  6. I posted somewhere else that there is a dichotomy amongst the liberty seeking probably originating from the rugged individualism syndrom we all seem to have.

    Might be a good thing might be a bad thing. The problem we face is not knowing the future and basing our situation (outcome-response) on unknown factors. This is and has always been the problem with a community of like minded people trying to see into the future and make prudent decisions. Fed knows this and relys on this to keep us two stepping with both folk trying to lead, not condusive to a beautiful dance. Dont matter as long as everyone makes it across the floor.

    Patience is crucial slow and steady, communication is an absolute none of us nor anyone in history knows(new) the plight faced. Faith, conviction of what needs to be done and perserverance are a must. Lets face it folks fed's got 2 of the 3 covered I'm banking on the 3rd bringing us through.

    Call me naive. Am good with that.


  7. Posted by Kerodin on behalf of Ursus Minor:

    In my previous academic and organizational leadership experience, I learned two things: 1) Always assume that you have a target on your back, and 2) assume that the person you thought was your closest ally will be the first one to take a shot at you when things heat up.

    History also teaches this lesson. Whether it was the communists or the nazis, those who want to wield power will ally themselves with any useful idiot that will help further the cause, but once they achieve their goal the useful idiot allies will be the first ones lined up against the wall and taken out.

    George Washington once said, "Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence." I know quite a few OWS supporters and most will stop at talk and protest. None that I know have shown themselves to be worth the trust that I would demand of someone who I would ask to stand by me when things go hot.

    Ursus Minor
    http://arborlibertatis.wordpress.com (I'm still putting this together and am writing the initial 5-7 posts that will "launch" it.)


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