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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm going to take down the poll in the right column about a possible PatriotCon for 2012.

As mentioned before the response rate, given the number of visitors to this site every day, is anemic.  Participation rates were much higher during the crafting of III to Liberty, and visitors were fewer.  While 80% of you who voted would support a meeting of our Community, it would be a small gathering.

I know there are several small groups planning to get together, and that may be the best course for the winter, spring & summer.  Personally, I would recommend you consider meeting a few of your more trusted allies if able, at gun shows, Tea Party events, and in the spring & summer, perhaps even hook up at an Occupy or other OpFor event.

The odds are high that Occupy will return stronger and more aggressive in the spring, ramping up consistently into summer and toward the elections.  I think violence is a given.  That's what Communists do best.  Each city will have its own personality, but the hands up the arses of the Useful Idiots will all be unified in their goals and their willingness to sacrifice as many pawns as necessary to achieve their goal of pushing America beyond the point of no return.

If you consider meeting with your fellow Patriots at public events, I would suggest you gear up (Go Bags, III cap or patch and as much 2A as is legal for the venue).  But please leave the cammies and chest-thumping rhetoric off-site.

Warriors never need to bluster.  Show up and let your statement be the gear, and the hardness in yours eyes behind your Oakley's.

But be careful.  I suspect the Enemies of Liberty want a Boston Massacre next season.

And they want all of us to go where such an event might lead.

Play your game on your timeline.  Engage on your terms.

Next year will be as close to 1775 and 1861 as you and I will likely ever see.

That assumes the economy does not lock-up and force events onto an accelerated timeline.

Use this time wisely.



  1. Though I voted for the meeting, it may be for the best that we do not congregate in one location. Wouldn't want to make things too easy for those that disagree with us....

  2. Unless things get very interesting next spring: If we were all together in one rowdy Occupy spot, we might get engagement.

    But as I look at our community, I think our true strength will be each of us acting in our own AO: One riot, one Ranger.

    If anyone out there decides to invest real time and energy into trying to put something together, I'll try to be there.


  3. Quite discouraging indeed, witnessed the palpable need for doing something and the inablility of getting it done in my AO. Think its the rugged individualism dicotomy that is rampant among us folk.

    Disheartening to say the least but it is what it is. Think alot of the complacensy is the belief down deep it will all work out in the end. I fall into that illusion for sure at times its much easier that way.. right??

    Gonna take the "step off the porch" moment folks, not sure who or when but just like Parker somebody is gonna put the beer can down and step off. My guess is that fed is banking on the next beer can in the cooler being enough to keep us hillbillies interested enough just to talk about it.

    Maybe we can pull it together before shtf, if not may God intervene and pull us kicking and screaming to the dance... locked and loaded. If not "dying is not the worst thing to happen to a man" something like that.. not sure how you worded it.


  4. Mozart: Arctic Patriot came up with the best title for the "Step off the porch moment" I've seen to date.

    He said it all with: Someone's gotta be the idiot...

    You and he are on the same page, and you are both correct.

    Time will tell who our next John Parker will be. Let us never forget there were other men & boys at his shoulder. None of us can get this job done alone - but someone's going to have to get it started in earnest.

    Stay safe.



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