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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Evict the Occupy

There is a link at the bottom of the post to a page of posters for the Occupy folks.

Anyone with any sense of the history of tyrannies of the 20th Century will understand by whom the posters were created and the true motivations of those who pull the Occupy strings.

Hey, Occupy folks: Your 1A Right does not include the Right to call for Government Force to take the fruits of my labors to be given to any cause you choose.  That is clearly sedition and I would argue Treason.

This is not a democracy.  You may not turn America into a democracy...mob rule. 

I am not going to bother to try and educate you.  You do not want to understand our system, you simply want more stuff, taken by Government from the productive and given to the unproductive.

If you call on Government to invade my Natural Rights you simply do not deserve to be among civilized people. 

You are demanding the Force of Arms (Government force) to enforce your Agenda.

You call that Liberty or Freedom?  You call yourself Americans?

I call that Tyranny and Treason, and I have a very low threshold for both.

And I assert that you are either stupid, or evil.

Either way, you should not breed.

It's time to Evict the Occupy...from America.

Here's the link to the posters.



  1. Time's a comin'.

    If you're in DC, you've got a problem with guns, I guess. When we went to the 2009 march, I checked the regulations and the most you could have was a knife under three inches. We stayed in Virginia, so I still had my weapons except for the march and the Oathkeepers dinner. THEN, we stayed with my boyhood friend in Fauquier county where I grew up, but when I visited a cousin of my old girl friend, Dixie alerted me to her bumper sticker which proclaimed "Obama" I was literally sick to my stomach and wanted to leave immediately. What is it with these braindead "once a Democrat, always a Democrat."? Pathetic.

  2. K,

    I know you will take this in the spirit I mean it. I respect you, or I would not bother to comment.

    I ask- what unpopular (or popular) political speech does 1A then cover? Is a politician or citizen then guilty of sedition or treason if he/she calls for a retaliatory strike on Afghanistan after 9-11? Defense spending?

    What I'm pointing to is the "cause of their choosing".

    All government actions (aka "causes" of some faction's choosing) are ultimately backed up via force. All the way down to...well...everything. I think we differ on 1A in some regards. C'est la vie. ;-)

    "It's time to Evict the Occupy...from America."

    With government force, or government-permitted citizen force? Are you calling for government force to back a cause of your choosing? ;-)

    And we do live in a democracy. We do live under mob rule. Didn't begin that way, but that's where we are. Sucks.

    No disrespect at all intended, I think you know me better. I don't know if evicting OWS matters one way or the other. It's the point is not the spear/spear is not the point thingy, I think. This here is power, embryonic power, unsolidified and with building momentum. It's somewhat representative of our culture today, and this movement will be alive and well whether or not "OWS" proper is present in the streets.

    "Anyone with any sense of the history of tyrannies of the 20th Century will understand by whom the posters were created and the true motivations of those who pull the Occupy strings."

    True. Absolutely.

    Anyone with a sense of the brief history of the 21st century will understand how change comes to governments these days.

    Kinda like this is going. Wait a bit. OWS will intensify, morph. Catalyst.

    2012 will be pivotal.

    OWS is the only anything going right now. Puts the Tea Party to absolute shame, and in much less time.

    Let's not evict them.

    Let's develop the situation. (6th fundamental of reconnaissance).

    Do I think OWS is the vanguard of true liberty? No.

    I do think it is a battering ram, in the first stages of it's backward arc. There's still time to nudge it one way or the other. What is building in this nation will not be stopped.

    Stand in front of a battering ram, be crushed. But, if you push it with just a finger at just the right point in its arc...

    So, the "left" wants "it" more. Fact.

    To overextend the battering ram analogy a bit further, there is no left or right with a ram. There is only the buildup of stored energy, then forward, irrevocably...

    How can this be used? See, I sorta have this idea...

    *More to follow*


  3. No worries. ;)

    First Point: 1A is limited to speech that is not inciteful to violence/action for unconstitutional ends.

    1A speech is NOT limited, even when calling for violence, for Constitutional ends, though prudence obviously demands that violence be used (mostly) when the peaceful, Constitutional mechanisms of redress have been exhausted.

    That's where I draw the line, when reading the Amendment.

    If one is using 1A to achieve unconstitutional ends, that person is wrong and may be Constitutionally punched in the nose for it.

    In your example of Afghanistan, the litmus test is always, in all things: Is the act Constitutional?

    And I'll clarify Constitutional, for that word, too, is often twisted. The first 10 Amendments are inviolable. The Natural Rights recognized in the Constitution & DoI are inviolable.

    Therefore, for instance, Prohibition was an unconstitutional Amendment from Day One, and those pushing for it were not protected under 1A. Our Great Grandfathers should have stuffed them into crates and sent them offshore.

    Anyone calling for Sharia to be imposed in America is not protected under 1A, because the end is not Constitutional and violates Natural Law. If one wants Sharia or Prohibition, that is fine...just not here.

    Second Point: Am I encouraging Government Force to secure my "Cause" - yes, and my cause is the Constitution and the Constitutional treatment of, and protection from unconstitutional injuries.

    Government does have a legitimate purpose, and that purpose is to protect We the People under the terms of the Constitution.

    Point Three: We do live in a default democracy, and it is unconstitutional. That's the entire point. I want our Government to do its legitimate work and restore the republic.

    Failing to do so (which they have proven for generations) then the genuine force of Government, We the People, are entitled to defend ourselves and do the work ourselves.

    Point Four: Can we use these Useful Idiots to our advantage? Probably. They will not be evicted by our current Political Class, they will be protected.

    Which brings us to the fundamental issue: Liberty and the Enemies of Liberty cannot coexist in the same space. The Enemies of Liberty will never leave us alone, it's hard-wired in them to meddle and try to subjugate.

    Secession simply provides the opportunity to Divide and Conquer.

    This Revolution that is occuring in America right now (is not our Revolution) will end in only one of two ways: Liberty will die or we will evict every Enemy of Liberty from sea to shining sea (as the original Sons of Liberty urged).

    When I call for the eviction of the Occupy folks, I include their Masters.

    Looking forward to your ideas about how to use the Useful Idiots.



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