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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy: Watch, Study, Learn...Prepare.

This is just one of the posters over at an Occupy site.  This one was created by Michael P.

Michael, I offer you three simple links.  This will be the absolute end to my effort (and willingness) to discuss this matter with members of the Occupy or affiliated/associated groups. 

These links will take you to the National Archives.  Link One will take you to the Declaration of Independence.  Link Two will take you to the Constitution, as ratified.  Link Three will take you to the Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments that are inviolable.  (That means that no act may nullify or alter any of the first ten...at least, not without breaking the pact between the People and the Government, and the Natural Rights of the people). 

Do not put too much faith in Amendments 11-27.  Some of them are ok, some are not.

Please read the documents without the filter of your college professors.

Simply read the words and see if you end up in a different place.

Link One: Declaration
Link Two: Constitution
Link Three: Bill of Rights  (Be sure to pay special attention to the preamble)

Moving on from Michael P., we find a poster from Eric.

I don't think Eric will bother to read the DoI, Constitution or BoR, and if he does, he'll choose to interpret them through the lens of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Marx...that poster could have come straight from 1950's East Germany, except, of course, that Eric would either be working for the Stasi or killed within hours by the Stasi.

Patriots: I urge all of you to watch the Occupy Movement carefully.  This is worth studying. 

You are watching the Enemies of Liberty and their Useful Idiots test their methodology for their Endgame.

Winter will send most of them home, but they will return in the Spring...with more people, more resources, more anger and energy...and with a license for violence before it's over. 

They have a plan. 

You are on the menu.


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