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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lancaster Voters: Really?

The City Council of Lancaster (population 150,000) has unanimously approved a spy plane to record the city.  It's a Cessna with a pilot.  I guess they couldn't afford a new Drone.

My question to the Citizens of Lancaster: Did any of your Council Members actually run on this issue?  Was it part of the election? 

That same question reaches all of us: Did we vote for Patriot Act or the other insanities that have been hefted upon us?  Do our politicians run on such single issues?

Not usually.  They do what they want once they get there, having been as vague as possible during the actual election process.

But, then we vote them back into office, or we vote them out but do not insist that the new guy repeals that stuff we hate...

Sorry folks, it is our fault. (and our grandparents, and theirs...)

It is time that We the People flex our muscle...even if that means making a fuss and a mess.

Or, we can simply let this continue...

One more question for the folks of Lancaster (and beyond): Don't your Councilmen shop at the same grocery stores you do...

Here's the story from Lancaster, if you care.



  1. I live about 40 miles from there. And, to answer your question, most of the denizens don't care. Why, it's a great crime fighting tool! The people here think we are just over run with nightly gangbanger gun fights and stabbings and beatings. It is a little worse in Lancaster, but it is by far anything like LA. I tell them that I would be happy to take them to LA at night to see what living in fear is like. No takers.

    I've turned a few, but for the most part, the people here are hardcore neo-conservatives who worship at the feet of LEO. Even the few hardcore liberals here worship at their feet.

    We have one helicopter. They pretty much keep to the downtown areas at night ... sometimes. But Lancaster is LA County, we are San Berdoo. Big difference in Sheriffs.

  2. Sam,
    It's things like this that caused us to vote with our feet after 20yrs of living there.
    I personally was involved in my twnshps "doings" trying to make a difference there. Hell,they voted down a new library,of all things,because the sheeple wanted a coffee bar and a dog park to be included!
    Never mind the kids! It was madness! The things i could tell you....

  3. Sorry about that! I didn't click the link. Wrong Lancaster,wrong side of the Country. I'm was thinking Pa. It could have been they are just as bad!


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