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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

War in Western Europe?

How would you take it if Banksters in Canada and Mexico forced our President (duly elected, even if we don't like the guy) to resign, then installed one of their puppets in his place to run our country?

You'd be pretty ticked, correct?  It's that whole self-determination, thing.

Well, that is exactly what just happened in Europe.  Banksters across Europe who are holding a LOT of debt from the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) watched as Greece told them to stuff it, and Italy was clearing their throat to say the same thing.

The Banksters pulled strings and decapitated both Governments.  Then they installed unelected puppets with a single goal - keep the interest payments flowing on the debt.

If you were Greek or Italian, patriotic to your homeland, what would you do?

If you are the Banksters, and the Greek & Italian people get rowdy about being manhandled (with Portugal and Spain watching with great interest), would you pull strings and have your lackeys in German and French seats of power send tanks and troops to collect on the debts in the form of Greek and Italian assets? 

People around the world are proud of their homelands.  Patriotic Greeks and Italians are seething that they are now falling under the control of foreign Banksters.

What would you do?

What will they do?

We will likely see more bloodshed and war in Western Europe in our lifetime.

Will we be busy hanging our own Banksters on public Greens across the land...or will we continue to sweat on their behalf?  In case you've missed the last few decades, Banksters have been putting their puppets in the Oval Office for quite a while...

And never forget to look both ways when crossing the street - Silicon Graybeard is keeping an eye on China's numbers.  I have held for a long time that the rise of China is a Zero Sum game, slightly modified: Every dollar they earn is a direct result of American policies.  The day America chooses to gut the Chinese, it is a simple matter of closing the ports to her imports.

A little pain here...and an E.L.E. in China (Extinction Level Event).

Here's Graybeard's post.


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