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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Off Topic: To the gals in the maroon SUV...

Yes, Mrs. Kerodin was quite aware when you drove by the house, stopped and snapped pics from the back seat.

Had she known you were such amateurs that you'd turn around at the end of the block, she'd have met you in the street and invited you inside...to visit.  Mrs. Kerodin can be quite the charming hostess.

Getting inside is easy. 

As many of my readers know, Mrs. Kerodin and I are currently prepping for Federal Court against a very powerful opponent.  You also know that I have enemies (some old, some new) on several fronts beyond the lawsuit.  We had that little identity thief last month...but we won't talk about that.

I invite anyone who would like to tour my home, sit with me and chat, or otherwise interact...just knock on the door.




  1. a very powerful opponent

    I imagine that is your guess?

  2. Pfft. Ladies in SUVs. Low budget amateurs.



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