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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bill Nye

New post over at Bill's place, worth the read, as usual.

He'll be hosting a PatriotCon at his place for you folks in his neck of the woods.  Whether you make it to TL's event, or choose to show your support by doing something local, it is a good thing for the Community whenever Patriots can get together and look one another in the eyes.  Our "Community" is divided, as Bill notes.  Some people work hard to make sure there is always strife. 

The Enemies of Liberty are moving fast now, folks.  The average American simply can't make it through the day without committing a crime of some sort, and it seems that most States are moving just as fast as is FedGov to criminalize as many acts as possible.  Almost all of your neighbors will See Something and Say Something about you, especially for an extra bread chit for the WalMart FEMA Center.

Find a way to meet one another now, before it's too late.  Be prudent.  Several in our Community have had the fist of Government swinging for them.  Bill & TL are two examples.  When you start taking flak, you're near the target. And it isn't only FedGov that is on the hunt for Patriots.  The locals are worse in many cases.  But, I suspect that the time is rapidly approaching when our politicians will learn the hard way that real Americans can fight City Hall...and win. 

It is sad to think that we Patriots are so rare these days that we must travel so far just to meet another person who shares our world view.  Sure, there are more.  But most will not Awaken until it is too late.  Then, most of those folks will be part of that mob, guys with a deer rifle and a few rounds left from last season, out looking for your prep stockpiles...

If you can't (or choose not to) make it to TL's gig, I hope you'll follow Bill's lead and get together with as many Patriots as you can find in your region.

I haven't yet had the chance to meet Bill face to face, but he's had my back several times online already, public and private.  You folks in his AO are lucky to have him nearby, because when it gets hot, he'll be there.

Here's the post at Bill's place.

Mayberry adds to it, here.



  1. Bill is about six hours away from me, and going there will put a serious strain on my limited budget. But I will be there come hell or high water. Thanks for spreading the word, and for everything else you do. I know how much time goes into this...

  2. Sam,

    Thank you for your time, I hope to meet up at TL's Summit. We all have something to offer in the community. Sadly "The Emperor's New Clothes"

    Bill Nye

  3. Craig,

    Running late for work, I will get in touch with you after the dust settles down this morning. Thanks!!

    Bill Nye


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