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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Open Letter to Occupy

If you are younger than 35 or so and participating in an Occupy event, it's not your fault.

It is not your fault that you expect such an easy life, and I can understand that as you left high school or college and hit the real world you were surprised and angered to find that the real world has little in common with your expectations and your experiences thus far.  You see, your expectations were skewed by idiots for your entire childhood and through your college years.  Too often, your family is listed among the idiots who are responsible for your unrealistic expectations.

You were not prepared for reality, for a world where the productive not only survive, but prevail, and a world in which performance is rewarded and a lack of performance is penalized.  Many of you were forced to endure schools that would not keep score at school sport events, lest there be losing teams and your little feelings would be hurt.  You were forced to struggle through classes that were originally intended to teach you how to think for yourself, how to read, write and compute...yet teachers often would not even use a red marker to grade your papers, lest your little feelings be hurt for having made an error.

Indeed, you were rarely wrong.  You merely failed to reach the same conclusion as everyone else when you said 2+2=5.  No worries.  Your feelings and self esteem were always more important than the silly arithmetic exercises, anyway.

Until, of course, you graduated and found yourself in the real world where 2+2 is always 4, and any other answer is always wrong.

It really isn't your fault.  You are victims, but not of the evil corporations that will not hire you.  You are the victims of Communists who have deliberately gutted the education system in America for generations, with the intent of weakening the intellect of young American adults and instilling moral relativism at a fundamental level.  There is much more to this story than is necessary for this post.  Simply understand that you are, indeed, a victim.

But that corporate CEO was not one of your teachers who failed to teach you.  That corporate CEO is not your parent who let stupid people have control of the knowledge that was put into your brain for your entire educational experience.  Now, that corporate CEO may well be a greedy, amoral, or even immoral bastard, but it is not his fault that you were victimized.

Look around your little Occupy camp at the "Leaders", especially the older ones - say anyone over 40.  Toward whom are they directing your anger?  Think it through for a few minutes: Are the people toward whom your "Leaders" are directing your anger really responsible for your position in life?  If you answer yes, then reason it through and explain it to yourself, articulate it, so that you can prove it.  Not to me, not to your professor, but to yourself.

Being honest with oneself is often the hardest thing to do in life.

For instance: If you are complaining about the fact that you owe student loans, look first to the mirror.  Did you agree to take the money so you could go to college, get a better education than those who chose not to attend college, and in return pay that money back, with interest, over a period of years after graduating because you expected to get a better job than if you had not attended college?  Did you choose which courses you would take in college?  Were those courses filled with knowledge that is marketable, in sufficient demand, thus permitting you to be hired, earn a paycheck and repay the loans?

Are there any Union folks in your camp, steering your anger in one direction or another?  Ask yourself why.  What do they gain by your anger?

Most of you are simply young and have been the victims of a plot that has spanned many generations, a plot intended to dominate the world through the Communist political system.  Those who have been working toward this goal have purposefully deprived you of the skills you need to think critically, so that they can manipulate you through your emotions for their own ends.

Many people have been where you are now, trying to figure out why things arew working, or not working, as promised.  Many people never figure out the truth.  A lucky few Awaken, and are gifted with the ability to see the world as it truly exists.

I tell you these things because you deserve to know what is happening to you, what has happened, how you arrived at this place, and by whose efforts.  You also deserve to know why, one day soon if you continue this course and speed, you will likely be confronted by angry Americans who accuse you of violating their natural Rights and are willing to use any means necessary to make you stop.

It may not be your fault, but that does excuse your behavior.

You are violating the natural Rights and innate Liberties of your fellow Countrymen by demanding that Government take from them the fruits of their labors and redistribute to others.

You are not alone.  This has been happening, by design, for many generations.  And while it is not your fault that you have been manipulated, it is your fault and you will suffer the consequences of your actions if you persist in the acts of injuring your Countrymen.

The clashes between your groups and the police are also by design.  Those who are manipulating you are doing the same to the law enforcement community.  Watch, study your own movement, and you will see that in the spring and summer of next year as the election cycle gets hot, your Occupy "Leaders" will work very hard to inflame your emotional outrage and turn that anger into violence against property, the police, and their political enemies.

Yes, there are many bad people in the banking world, the corporate world, and certainly in the political class.  Yes, they must pay for the injuries they have inflicted.  But there is a bigger picture, and you need to recognize it.

I encourage you to take a few hours and read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (especially the preamble to the Bill of Rights) and try to read the text through the lens of men who wrote those documents in the pursuit of personal Liberty.  Forget the definitions and interpretations your school teachers and college professors offered you about the documents: Read the words and apply your own intellect.

You have no Right to the labor of another human being against his will.  You have no Right to demand that Government do that very crime against your Countrymen on your behalf, or on behalf of any other person.

If you read the DoI, the Constitution and the BoR, and you consider a Government and a nation managed as outlined in those documents, I am confident that you will understand that the America we have today is not what our Founders intended.  It has been perverted, and many generations of Americans, including yours and mine, have been manipulated by evil people for self-enrichment at the expense of your Liberty.

In an America operating as intended, your complaints would probably fade away.

You and I can find common ground if we agree to work for a genuine Restoration of the Constitution, as ratified and implemented within the spirit of the Declaration and Bill of Rights.  If you and I work together to achieve that goal, we can be rid of the evil people who have injured you - the real people responsible for your plight, not the scapegoats - and then we can live together as Countrymen, in Liberty.

If we can not agree to work toward Restoration as described in the last paragraph, then we are dangerously at odds.

UPDATE: Consider this expansion on the topic from Silicon Graybeard, here.



  1. Just one random thought: are these people even capable of coming up with imagery that doesn't look like it came out of a Moscow subway station in the 1950s? Does it ever even occur to them??

    Linked back with some additional information.

  2. Excellent, Sam. I hope some of them get the message, either directly from you or from actually stopping to think about the broken promises and manipulations of the politicians, as well as the deceptions and manipulations of their teachers and professors. I'd love to see the Bernadette Dorns, Bill Ayers, and other "professors" dangling from the lampposts.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Graybeard: It is straight out of old KGB/Stasi textbooks, isn't it!? But, we know who is pulling the strings here, so it isn't a surprise.



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