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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boomstick sales booming...

December gun sales have already outpaced November - and the month isn't over yet.

And November was the biggest gun-sales month recorded.

What does this tell you?

Sadly, I am not as sanguine that the numbers reflect a spike in reverence for 2A.  I'm willing to bet that the number of first-time buyers is relatively insignificant.  Most sales are probably folks who already have a safe filled, and are looking pessimistically into 2012.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Having an Uncle or friend you know will put a rifle in your hands when you need one is almost as good as owning one yourself. 

Here's the story on the numbers.


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  1. I'm proud to say that Miss Lisa bought me a new Mini-14 for Christmas. I'm thinking she's a keeper. Now if I can just con her into paying for the barrel bedding and trigger job.....


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