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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You've probably seen the story about TSA expanding the VIPR program.  If not, it is here.

Teams of TSA Agents are working with State and Local LEO to randomly stop and search Americans in the name of Terrorism Security.

Of course, the truth is different.  The truth is that people in the American Government are implementing a Police State modeled upon Mischa Wolfe's STASI.

For those Patriots who claim they will never submit, who claim they will exercise 2A as they see fit, not one more inch and all that, consider driving on a highway and suddenly finding yourself in a backup of traffic, as a mobile VIPR Team has set up ahead.  There is no exit betwen you and the Bad People.

They have a dozen Feds armed with SMGs.  There are another 18 or so State and Local LEO "supporting", but in truth they are being taught.  You are alone, with a pistol and maybe 2 mags.

They wave you to secondary, because Fido has alerted on the oil you use to slick the rails of that bottomfeeder.  You are surrounded by a large team of folks in Conditions Yellow and Orange, who will be promoted for finding guys like you and grinding your face into the pavement as the first step on your new journey into the Federal prison system (Unless you start swapping spit with ATF and get your case kicked to a fine...) .

So much for your Sun Tzu and choosing the ground.

You will fight here, on their terms.  Or, not.  Either way, you are done.

Soon they will be in malls and office buildings.

Here in this video from February 2011, the VIPR Team has met a bus at the end of the journey and proceeds to search the passengers...after the journey has ended.  So much for prevention. 

Obviously, this is pure STASI methodology in support of the Police State.

The window of opportunity is closing. 

Click here for the video.




  1. You're right. The window is closing.

    Soon, avoidance will not be an option.

    It's easy to talk.

    It's harder to make the call in real life when emotion is flowing, and the choices are submit, be imprisoned, or die. Sometimes, two or all three will happen, no matter what one does.

    This time is coming, for all of us.


  2. A serious Individual can still choose his or her ground... An example would be the front doorstep of an agents home at the end of his (her)long day of abusing nine year old's.

  3. Just for accuracy's sake, STASI was more about making sure nearly everyone of interest was being snitched on. At most they had 180K snitches in a population of 16100K.

    Of course, there is no need for that number of snitches these days. Most people routinely carry sophisticated bugs they bought themselves and/or enter interesting data into intelligence databases(Facebook) that don't cost the gov't a cent by themselves. Dual use technologies are nifty.

    This kind of casual harrasment of passangers wasn't common in GDR. Only while leaving the country. Commie border guards often had everyone unpack everything for inspection.

    Also, you should note that J.Q.Public is probably unaware of what or who Stasi was.

    Anyway.. good luck with your fight. Security theater isn't about terrorism prevention. It's pork-barrel spending, control of dissent and creating a privileged, gov't paid class that'll keep the others in line.

    At least, that is the idea, but once hyperinflation really hits, all bets are off, and gov't paper money won't be worth jack. Or shit.


  4. Oleg linked you.


  5. Y.T. good comment.

    You got a dog in this fight? (just curious)


  6. "You got a dog in this fight? (just curious)"

    Do any of us, really?

    Don't we all?

  7. Aw come on, I mean, its sex, right? Your children have to have their 1st experience some time and it might as well be by our betters...

    Y'know, those bright blue shirts stand out real nice...

  8. Hey Anonymous,

    Are you Y.T.?

    Cause I got a feelin' bout Y.T. and you don't the profile.

    Just askin'


  9. VIPR team checkpoints on the highways? Seems I remember a book by Mark Spungin mentioning a scenario like that. The story prescribed a way to deal with them too. (Hint, it didn't involve shooting at people...)




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