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Monday, December 5, 2011


Brock's linked to a good article about LEO getting goodies from the military.

They also get quite a bit of training from current and former military.

CA made an excellent point: Most LEO and members of the military will follow their orders, for they rely on the paycheck to feed their families.

Until that paradigm changes - until it becomes more dangerous for LEO and American-based military to go to work than to stay home, Citizens will be hunted, and there is no bag limit.

And they want their trophies.

Here is the link.



  1. One thing that is being overlooked is that while the LEO's get their goodies, PMC's will be getting the same thing.

    They will be issued Govt property for the performance of the contracts.

    It's what they do. KBR was a biggie in Iraq with over 1M line items of tacked personal property and billions in consumable material.

    Have no illusions, they will spread the wealth to their ilk.

  2. I don't believe ANY LE,local,state,OR federal need such toys.
    But my feelings towards them having such things is the simple fact that WE will know where to get them for US.
    No bulls##t there either.

  3. I think of it more as them creating thousands caches of equipment inside our AOs for us, guarded only by a thin veneer of donut glaze and sheer cravenness.


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