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Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy London: Terrorists

InfoWars is reporting that the London Police Department is classifying their Occupy idiots as Terrorists.

Stupid, yes.  Over-educated and lacking common sense, yes.  Politically infantile and naive or malevolent, yes.  Enemies of Liberty, (some by choice, some by stupidity), yes.

But, Terrorists?  Not so much.

You are watching what we all knew would happen - the Governments of the Western World have been compromised by Enemies of Liberty and are intent upon imposing hard tyranny upon their Citizens.  They imposed laws against "Terrorists", who were all from those evil Muslim countries.

But then they decided to call their own people Terrorists and use those laws internally.

Does this sound familiar: First they came for the Jews, but I was silent because I am not a Jew...

You know the rest.  You know our own DHS and various other agencies, Fed & State, have been declaring we on the political Right to be dangerous Terrorists.  The US Congress just imposed a law upon We the People that will make legal the same actions that Adolf Hitler took against his political enemies.

You'll remember that his actions were made to be legal, too.

Every day it becomes more obvious that the Enemies of Liberty intend to make their move on the last vestiges of Patriotism during the spring and summer of 2012.

You should be preparing for violence to be directed at you by your Government in the very near future.  The best way to avoid a punch is o be somewhere else.  If you intend to engage, you'd better come hard.

Here's the story from InfoWars.


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