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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Communist California - this is acceptable to you?

California's politicians are about to establish amnesty for illegals.

The entire US Southwest is being reclaimed by demographics.

For you folks that want secession, or Balkanization, or anarchy, whatever, I have to ask how you can honestly expect to live in peace at Liberty with a Mexico that occupies the current borders of California, or a full-blown Communist California?

Before you start hurling the Lincoln insults, and the arguments that the People of California have the natural Right to do as they wish, please remain in the real world long enough to tell me how a Communist or Mexican California does not endanger the people of Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, et cetera.

I firmly believe that only those who love, want, and respect Liberty (especially the Liberty of others) are allowed to live within our current borders.  Before you dive into the fascism charges, understand that this is a matter of survival: A Mexican or Communist California will come to kill you, despite your "higher and more evolved sense of Liberty" that permitted them to have California real estate...even faster than will your hated ATF/FBI/EPA Gestapo that you worry about constantly.

I do not simply complain about problems.  I have a fix for it.

We evict those who do not believe in Jeffersonian Liberty (or at least respect it and do not infringe it), and those who are left within the borders of California can do whatever they wish...within the spirit of the DoI.  The spirit of the DoI does not negate my solution.

Here is Kenny's take on it.

Here is the story.


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  1. As if we here in Kalifornia don't have enough problems as it is with illegal immigrants that refuse to swear allegiance to our Nation now.
    For one mans' frustration, read Glenns' comments at my post.
    By the way, I stole the flag picture for future use.
    - KennyLane


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