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Saturday, December 3, 2011

It ain't the Muslims...and never was...

Curtis explains what we've known all along - well, those of us who care to apply 3 seconds of critical thinking to the issue.

You can not name one First World Muslim country.

Why?  You already know the answer.

There is a considerable and reasoned body of evidence within the world of geopolitical thinking that just as Golitsyn predicted the USSR wold "fall", that the Kremlin is today behind the Muslim Hordes stirring the world pot, just as they stirred the Communist pot during the Cold War.

Now, merge your lines of thought: The Kremlin is behind the Muslim threat (because without Russian dollars Mo on his camel simply isn't a credible threat to the Western World), and we have a very powerful Communist element in America...so our Political Class strives to "save" us from the Muslim Hordes, by confining us into nice, safe pens...which is where Golitsyn said we were headed about 50 years ago.

Do you understand?

The Kremlin (with not a little help from the Forbidden City) is pulling the political strings in America, using the Muslim Hordes (their current crop of Useful Idiots) as the current boogeyman out to destroy America.

The American Political Class is an instrument of the Communist ideology.

Your neighbors (D's & R's) vote for Communists, either by choice or stupidity.

Your neighbors are the Clear & Present danger.

Here is the piece from Curtis.

You have all been warned.  No crying on the buses or in the camps.



  1. Shot across your bow . . . explain then, the Russian suppression of Muslim rebels in Chechnya ? Also consider, the real ideological war is between collectivism and individualism, Sharia Law IS communism, already usurping Constitutional Law in some American courts. Research also the UN: 'Global Village Initiative' and 'Sustainable Development' and 'Smart Plan' land use regulations.

  2. Anon: There is considerable evidence offered by Alexander Litvenenko and others that most of the "Muslim" terror attacks and indeed even the "Muslim" rebel leaders in Chechnya and beyond were flase flag ops and false flag operators, conducted by, assisted by and in some cases even carried out by FSB.

    Russia must take a few hits from the evil Muslims for credibility, and misdirection about their true role in the ops.

    Sharia is not Communism - it is collectivism - a big difference at the Communist dinner parties and on the invitation list. ;)

    Communism has never stopped advancing, The "end" of the Cold War was merely a transition into the next phase of Communism's domination of the world.

    The last 20 years have seen the absolute infestation of Communist ideology take hold of the American population, as well as the Political Class.

    They are very near the moment when they will try to corral the final remnants of Liberty-minded folks and add us to the extinction list.

    The Muslim Threat is nothing but a well-wielded sword, held by the hand of Communism. When they have become no longer useful, they will be returned to their Third World status, and the infestation eradicated.


  3. I do not dispute for a moment that the greatest threat to America is and has been Marxism, as bred and insinuated and supported by the Soviets, and no doubt continued by the Russian Federation. I can easily believe they have conducted false flag operations that have utilized the muslim threat to advance their agenda.

    It remains, however, that such is only a portion of the muslim threat. Billions, perhaps trillions, in Saudi petro-dollars spent by various Saudi royals have fomented violence across the world, including here in America. The Russians may support it, even help it along from time to time, but as significant as the infiltration of our government, our schools, and our culture has been by the Communists, the muslim threat remains real.

    The Communists - including our own here in America - indeed, in D.C. - will continue to make as much use as possible of the muslims while the muslims themselves continue to kill non-believers, Christians in the Middle East, and take over countries foolish enough to import them and allow them to gain demographic (think birth rate) and cultural control through permitting Sharia free rein.

    Communism, especially as promoted by the Great Pretender, his coterie of Mao and Che lovers, and as inculcated by the socialists who teach our children, are indeed a greater threat. However, I do not accept that the muslims would simply go home and play among themselves if Russia were removed from the equation. Perhaps twenty years ago, but not now, They have gained too large a foothold in too many countries, especially in Europe, where they may end up controlling more than the nukes they control in Pakistan.

    We would be foolish to dismiss them as a threat.

  4. Reg: You are dead-on point. The Muslims have indeed invested their own oil wealth into their self-interests.

    They must be keep under watch, and we must be ready to kick them back a hundred years if they get silly. We can do it just by turning off their power & water, then let them spend their energy trying to survive, rather than pick targets in the West.

    Polygonal battlespace. ;)


  5. It's okay folks. Every catalyst needs bogeyman, whether real or imagined. Just think of the various and multitude of possibilities. And if you play it just right... here we are.

    But you know... right... that the End Game... is not the end... but the beginning.

    The power of manipulation is just a means to justify the beginning... and so it goes... to the next... beginning.

    Of course the Muslims are a threat. They wouldn't have it any other way... for the time being. It serves a purpose.

    Meh. Anyhow.

    Power. The struggle to obtain god-hood.

    Some people get it. Very few do.


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