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Saturday, December 3, 2011

We have enough, right now.

What do John Parker and Hitler have in common?

John Parker had about 80 serious men at his shoulder when the British came hunting.

Hitler had a small corp of Brown Shirts at his shoulder when he decided to thug his way into power.

Small, dedicated groups can win...



  1. Do we have eighty?

    Can I see eighty sign here?

    Eighty. Just a little short of a company.

    Alan W. Mullenax

  2. We'll see in the spring at TL's event. At this moment, I'd have to bet against us having 80.

    We surely don't have 3%.

    Here's one thing I am certain about: Whatever the number we have today, that's as good as it's going to get. We won't be recruiting many new folks. ;)


  3. The vast majority of those around us like being part of the FSA. And they support using the force of Government to make us continue working so they can get more free stuff.

    We've been breeding lazy cowards for generations, and that is going to hurt us all really soon.

    When it breaks, it is going to get really, really ugly. Lazy cowards don't tend to have a long shelf life in a combat zone.



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