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Saturday, December 3, 2011

When Confidence is Gone, we are done...

The only reason the world has not yet plunged into absolute despair and chaos is because people still have confidence...

Once that is gone, once the faith that you can swap dollars for bread is gone, it's on.

It will happen like a slick trigger pull - like a glass rod that suddenly shatters.


Here's Denninger's perspective, and warning.



  1. Look I got nothin but, if you have not made arrangements for the collapse, don't blame Karl.

    This man has been warning of collapse till he's blue in the face.

    If you are still long in the market, either you are lucky and have not lost (yet), or you like a good round of Russian roulette.

    Ignorance might be bliss, but it is not an excuse.


  2. I've mentioned the gist of this many times, that as long as people do believe, they can print as much as they like, but the minute the trust is gone, so is the dollar, though this lasted almost to the end concerning the Fall of Saigon, so it may well go longer than a reasonable man may think.

  3. You are both right. KD has been warning for quite a while now, and backinjg it all up with numbers.

    And there are many clever people working very hard to make this thing last as long as possible, so they can milk every last drop.

    But people are waking up, slowly. When people finally withdraw their support, whether they get fed-up and say "No More!" or they genuinely lose faith, it's over. That is the hour the riots will begin, DHS will start filling buses, and smart men will get out of the way.

    Stay safe, guys.



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