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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drones in North Dakota

There comes a time in many fights when you know you are losing the opportunity to win.

You may be outnumbered.  Your enemy(s) may be bigger, stronger, faster, younger, more experienced, or any combination of the above, and you can feel the advantage slipping.

On the mat in most dojos you simply tap-out when it gets too rough.

On the mat in a serious dojo, tapping out too often or too soon is unfair to your training partner.

In real life, tapping out means you die or suffer whatever fate your enemy chooses to impose.

That's where we are in our Police State.  The noose is closing.  The window of opportunity for serious resistance is closing.  Soon, we will be so monitored, so tightly restrained in our every movement and moment that resistance will be futile.

There comes that moment when you need to end it, before it can never end in your favor...and you do that on offense, not defense.

A Predator Drone was called into service in North Dakota by a Sheriff, to feed intel to his SWAT Team, State LEO Support, et cetera.  The Drone was able to locate his prey and even inform him that the people he hunted were unarmed.

Think the Military isn't OpFor?  Who the hell do you think was flying the drone?  How many technicians, operators, SigInt professionals were involved in getting that bird airborne, interpreting the electronic feedback and then providing that intel to boots on the ground?

What else can these drones do?  I know that some of you know, and should be putting that information out there.  Just how good are our most sophisticated satellites, which are now looking into America probably more often than into China or Russia.  Are they already looking into the average home and taking notes of floorplans, hardening & fortifications, or stores of prep, of the nursery?  A Ninja-clad LEO who sneaks into the baby's nursery takes the fight out of mom & dad, right now...

The window is closing very, very fast, folks.

Use this information as you will.

Here's the story, from Drudge.



  1. Nice.

    And in my very own (new) AO...

    Thanks for the info.


  2. I'm thinking we need a few of these...



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