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Saturday, December 10, 2011

We are a different People today...

Patriots of the modern III sort are far more rare in American society today than were those in the Colonies of 1775...at least in Lexington.

On that day in April of 1775 there were 208 men of Lexington, Massachusetts aged 16 and older.

77 were on the Green.

That's nearly 1/3 or 33%.

Look left and right, modern III Patriot. 

If there are 33% standing, they stand strongly opposed to you and your silly notions of Liberty.  The number is likely much higher than 66%, because there are at least 50% on the official roll call of the FSA, with another significant portion of the working class & Establishment in support of Entitlements, et cetera.

You are as alone as you feel.  We are as outnumbered as we most dread. 

Lose your illusions... 

John Parker had 1/3 of the men of Lexington standing with him on the Green.

You will be lucky to have 2 or 3...

Use that information as you will.

Here is the source information, it is very interesting.



  1. On the positive side...Good OPSEC on ops.

  2. Could'nt access the link. It said it was no longer available.



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