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Saturday, December 17, 2011

East Texas Reality

Read Bill's latest.

How many of you are giving up too much information? 

Collaborators will get you killed or imprisoned.  You don't need to take my word for it, just look at history.  Can you spot a Collaborator, even when the evidence is significant and on display?  If not, I would suggest that every Patriot shut his mouth, or as CA mentioned recently, keep your pieholes shut.  How many secrets or sensitive comments have you shared with others in this community, supposedly privately, and how certain are you that those secrets or comments are secure?

Three may keep a secret, so long as two are dead...

Many of you have declared that you will never surrender, will never be put on a train to nowhere or be forced to kneel at the side of a ditch.  While that may help you sleep at night, it shouldn't.  The Enemies of Liberty have countless methods to get inside your defenses.

Just look at Patriot's Lament. 

They come with what you like. 

They also come heavy when you are unable, or unwilling, to resist. 

How tough will you be when it is your child or your wife with a Glock to the head, held by an Enemy of Liberty.  They need not penetrate your homestead to make this happen, in many cases.  They can get her at work, or the market, or at a stoplight.

In Alaska they simply came in the house, and not one Patriot raised a defense.  It may be easy to sit and second-guess that decision, but when it is your house, your children, the paradigm shifts.  Don't say you'd never surrender the friend in the basement...

I would suggest all Patriots just zip it, at least a little bit tighter.

Here is Bill's piece.  I would counsel you to heed it.



  1. Reminded me of Moose.

    Entrapped Justin Moose Gets 30 Months

  2. The hypocrisy stinks, the manipulation stinks, the blind ignorance in the community stinks the most.

    "WOLVERINES" Now do not forget the fist pump, it's the most important part.

    Bill Nye

  3. I for one am not worried. One, because I can smell a rat a mile off; and two, because I am not stupid enough to fall for one of their entrapment schemes. So come on fedtards, hit me with your best shot. I ain't scared...

  4. I can smell a rat a mile off; and two, because I am not stupid enough to fall for one of their entrapment schemes.

    And do nothing or own anything illegal, but the problem is, they can plant.


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