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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Economic Collapse Blog

InfoWars linked to an excellent article that lists 50 economic facts of which all Patriots should be aware.  Many we know, others we suspected, but now there is reference.  Some will surprise.  This knowledge is in the Reasons that support Restoration by any means necessary category.

Here is the story.  I've linked directly to the source.



  1. When you read the statistics this guy pumps out, please be smart enough to understand that "poverty" has a whole different meaning here in America than elsewhere. "Poverty" is an income less than $22,000 if you are two people with two kids. And that is AFTER the government makes a whole bunch of adjustments that further distort the figures.

    Have you seen many folks living in "poverty" who don't have a car, a cell phone, or a Dish for their TV? When you add in all of their benefits from the entitlement programs and the food stamps, they probably have an income much greater than mine in retirement. And I don't get Medicare, but pay over $400 a month for my insurance.

    What is amazing is that poverty for anyone over 65 is $1500 LESS. Does it somehow cost less to eat and pay for a roof over your head if you are older? Especially in this day and age where so many people are having to work _past_ 65 to make ends meet? Let alone the fact that we have to pay for the medicines almost all of us in that age group require?

    Anyway, take these fifty "statistics" with a grain of salt. Yes, I believe a collapse is coming, but this guy isn't why I believe that.

  2. Absolutely right. Anyone with middle/upper "Poverty level income" in America would live a Kingly existence in many parts of the world.



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