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Friday, December 9, 2011

Meet Max Berger

According to New York Magazine, Max Berger is a 26 year old "Professional Activist" for the Left.

He gets paid, probably with your tax dollars, to stir the sh*t pot.

He gets paid to advance the cause of the Enemies of Liberty.  That makes him an Enemy of Liberty.

Consider that he gets paid by your fellow Countrymen to advance the demise of Constitutional ideals.

He may look across a line into the eyes of a LEO in riot gear and see an adversary, but they are fingers on the same hand, dancing to the same puppeteer.

You and I should aspire to be "Professional Patriots".  Our pay will not be coin of the realm, for we are the only ones who produce.  Our pay will be no more or less than the quantity of Liberty we strive to produce for ourselves and our Tribe.

If we do become Professional Patriots, accepting our pay in trade (Liberty), we will begin to earn more coin, as a byproduct of ridding our world of the parasitic garbage that is murdering the host...and our republic. 

How many mouths do you feed with your paychecks every month?  Look at your "tax contributions".  Do you, by yourself, cover the cost of one or more "Disabled" Government teet-suckers?  More?

Liberty simply can not exist in an America in which we permit people like Max Berger to remain.  He should be given a one-way ticket to any country in the world, and forbidden to ever return to America.  I'll treat.  It will be some of the best money I have ever invested.

His occupation is to add more mouths to feed to your monthly  "contribution"...and those mouths are not those of your children, or your responsibility.

His occupation...get it?  We finance these people.  While you turn wrenches or sling burgers or crunch numbers, or, whatever...this guy goes to work every day and collects a paycheck for undermining America.

Remember: The Americans will hang themselves with the rope we sell to them...

We are watching it with our own eyes, right now.

And do not give me any garbage about his 1A Rights...they do not extend to speech that results in the theft of the fruits of my labor by Government force.  The Constitution is not a suicide pact.  Any act that is unconstitutional is void, and may be ignored (until enforced by Mao's barrel of a gun in an American LEO hand on behalf of Max and his friends).  We'll see who wins this argument...soon.

Here is the NYMag article.


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  1. “He cheated,” says Husain, who volunteered for the campaign on the belief that Obama could be a transformative president. “He ran on a platform he never intended to push. He made promises he never intended to keep. I was just amazed in his inaugural speech how little transformative there was. And then Tim Geithner—what the hell was that? And then the bailouts. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what was going on. It was a continuation of the same bullshit.”

    Well, no shit Sherlock. Evidently this has just dawned on your ignorant mind as any one who had spent 30 minutes on a library computer checking him out before the elections would have discerned exactly what he was all about.

    "And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
    23 July 2008


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