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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rich T: The X Factor

Rich T nails it again.

Forget all the Ego in your chests, guys - it really will not be until most of our women take off our leashes that we will step from the porch.

Once your woman becomes convinced that the Status Quo is a threat to her children, she will hand you the Go Bag and tell you to come home once her babies are safe, or on your shield.  Until then, most men will feel a stronger pull to remain at station, protecting Home & Hearth with a paycheck than heading off into counter-revolution.

It was The Minute Women of the USA in the 1950's & 1960's that held weekly get-togethers.  They did not sell tupperware or discuss the latest romance novel - they worked to identify and reveal Communists.

Once our women start such activities again, we will win.

Once our women give the nod, we will march. 

Here's the link, which links back to Brock's place.



  1. This is funny. I saw Rich's post referencing mine and made a post off that. Then I saw this one which reminded me of Edenton on which I'll make yet another.:)

  2. http://arcticpatriot.blogspot.com/2011/01/most-powerful-blessing-and-ultimatum.html

  3. Oh, and BTW, I like your (accurate) use of "counter-revolution" term.

    Good Job.


  4. Sam:

    You know I love you and think of you as my demented little brother, but this two intardwebs Zoomie thing is a problem of vital national importance.

    Why do you call Rich T "Zoomie?"

    When you do so, it gets me excited to think somebody mentioned little ol' me...and then it makes me turn my head like a confused puppy.

    Although Rich T is more famous, talented, intelligent, and probably better looking, I have had a jaw-dropping intardnets presence since February of 2007.

    Please explain yourself, sir.

    I breathlessly await your reply.

    Yours in curmudgeonly sedition,

    Walter Zoomie

  5. Zoomie & Rich - sorry guys. Sometimes I go into full 'tard mode and here I am again.

    I had Walter on the brain from a few posts earlier.

    I am now heading to the dog house. ;)



  6. Sam...you understand I'm being silly again. Right?

  7. It's appalling to think that the reason that men endure tyranny because "Momma" hasn't 'unleasehed' the house dog. There was a time when "Momma" was told, "I'll be back when I can..." when tyranny arose.

    Apparently, not these days.

    I can't imagine Patrick Henry's speech, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! (As soon as my wife tells me it's ok to do what should be done....)"

  8. I expected at least a few such comments.

    Women have always been part of the Tribe decision-taking process, even if the Ego of men will not admit it. From Abigail Adams to Queen Gorgo, the support of the women in the Tribe is crucial to success. They will encourage their men to stay near, or to go hunting the enemy, and their support always encourages success.

    One shining example of Tribes that do not pay attention to their women: Muslims.

    "Momma" tends to have intuitive insights that many men do not. When She supports war, you know the time has come.

    The heroic self-image most men like to portray of "I'll be back when I can..." is far less realistic than being told to return when the danger has passed, or on the shield.


  9. My response was not written from a perspective of an egotistical heroic self-image or a position that champions not including women in the decision making process of normal life. My response was not even about acknowledging the intuitive insights some women have and some men don't and vice versa. And it certainly wasn't about not paying attention to our women and their contributions to the family, home and life in general.

    My response was directed at the presentation of men as "leashed" (implication of being a subservient dog, at worst, a nod to feminism, which, from many perspectives, has done more harm than good to both men and women, ie, the "males are big dumb animals that have to be told what, where, and how to do things," or at best, a self-deprecating attempt at humor.

    Neither made a point in the discussion.

    To be fair, your perspective is your own; presuming to speak for anyone else may not be the best course, as you're wont to say when posting on various subjects.

    Any man who basically says, "Gee, honey, I think I'll step off the porch and go take a few scalps...what do you think? Is it time yet? How long should I be gone?" has decisiveness issues to say the least, and will probably not make it 24 hours into the first big die off.

    When it comes to our wives, consider that sometimes it's prudent not to tell those closest to you everything in order to protect them from unintended consequences or possible repercussions from your actions.

    Just an opinion.

  10. Trainer: From my firsthand experience I can offer that shielding is prudent, yet not a serious tool for protecting the family. Any action taken by a Patriot will result in Conspiracy charges against the family, either executed or threatened to achieve the desired result, regardless of their actual role. That is Prosecutor 101 these days.

    I look to the feminine among us as a more level-headed barometer of the broader state-of-things. When our wives tell us that leaving the porch is more important to survival than is the next paycheck, you'll see men leaving the porch - not because the wife has "given permission" but because the two, as parents, have decided that the family is best protected with such means.

    We men who call ourselves Patriots can get locked into a tunnel vision of sorts, because our view of the world tends to be quite stubbornly anchored.

    While I am convinced that the support of our women to leave the porch is a major factor as to why no man has yet done so, I shudder to think of the remaining options if I am wrong. Not stepping off the porch as a result of a reasoned family position I can understand.

    But if I am wrong, then what possible excuse remains for the men of this Community for not having done so? It would appear that no single man, or older man with grown family, has stepped from the porch, either. So, either we are all whipped, or we are all at the same point in our reasoning that it simply isn't time...yet.


  11. "....we are all at the same point in our reasoning that it simply isn't time...yet."

    That is correct.

    I also believe the time is actually closer because of the move to gather and discuss the 'why's' and 'wherefore's' by various tribles, such as Mr. Nye has started already in Texas to form a delegation.

  12. It appears the blessing of the Polish women is near upon us.



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