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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Patton: Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men...

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. - George S. Patton

Folks, I hope you let this quote really reach you.

In an ugly battlespace your survival will depend on doing things that most men have never done.  I am not worried about men who have never really been fighters, or soldiers or martial artists.  This veneer of civilization, this facade that separates us from our true nature as Hunter-Gatherers is whisper-thin.

It will not take much exposure to real danger for the average man to unleash the inner animal.  You'll be better prepared if you take the time and invest the mental energy now to work through the emotional aspects of behaving in a truly ugly fashion. 

Self Defense is the moral high ground in any conflict.  If another man intends to harm you or kill you, or anyone in your Tribe, you have the natural law right to defend yourself and kill him, and in my world, you do not need to wait until he makes the first move.

If you have decided that violence is imminent, act.  If you remain in the moral safe-zone of self defense, your conscience should not haunt you for being ugly.  And in the Ruckus many folks see coming our way, there will be brutal, horrific violence for a long time, months at least, perhaps years.

Reconcile now, if you are able, that when you must grab a man by his belt and pull him toward you because his 1911 is pointed at you, center mass, and he intends to kill you and have your women, it is self defense.  When you make your move and risk everything by doing the unexpected and pulling him close so you can sink your KA-BAR to the hilt in his belly, then rip upward as the stink of his blood and guts wash over you, it is self defense.  When his body begins to convulse and he tries to process what is happening, and you push the muzzle aside, and you draw the blade again, opening a new wound, it is self defense as he dies, shuddering on your blade.

Or, when LEO crushes resistance and everyone goes to the bread line on Tuesdays, and LEO has a routine of coming and disappearing people on Thursday nights, and you know your neighbor helps the government machine do its work by processing the arrest orders at City Hall - when you ambush him one day on his way to work and use a claw hammer to end his paper processing career, it is self defense

Weapons and gear can help.  But as General Patton was quoted, wars are won by men who take the decision to fight and win. 

Our Constitution, Declaration and Bill of Rights were written in the hope that moral men would hold the seats of power, taking violence out of politics.  But they specifically wrote into our documents their understanding that if amoral or immoral men take power and use that power to steal your Liberty, there is usually only one way to take it back.

You will have to take your 2A tools, whether a slick black rifle, or a basic 1911, or an old, second-hand KA-BAR, or a claw hammer from the shed, and go to work.  The work is ugly and it can be hard on the Soul, even if you remain in the safe moral territory of self defense.

You are the man who is responsible for ensuring that you live and die at Liberty.

Wars are won by men...



  1. "ambush him on his way to work with a claw hammer".
    Damn but that's a GREAT line right there Sam!
    I like it. :-)
    Great post!


  2. What we possess we must defend, else how do we rightfully claim possession? What we love we must also defend, for love is an active verb - it's opposite is antipathy; passive surrender. Every pack of animals knows to drive out or kill it's diseased members for it's own preservation - but humans are rational and spiritual beings, not simple animals; therefore, our defese of our community MUST extend to spiritual and mental corruptions.

    If we love our communities and our nation, then we must cast out or kill those of diseased mind who would destroy that which we love; for this spiritual and rational disease of progressivism is indeed contagious, and intentionally so, by those so contaminated. They LOVE to spread their filth and deception, for they lack the strength to acquit themselves of it, and their only alternative is to recruit company into their despicable state - no one may cure a man of that which he loves, and corruption is a self-fulfilling love, indeed. The most despicable crime of the progressives is that they poison the minds of children with their disease.

    The only rectification for such acts is to kill the poison minds who actively diseminate their foul disposition, to stop the spread of this most corrupting social disease by that most decisive means prescribed by God for those who make of themselves His enemies.

    Restoring our Republic will require of us a most difficult act - that WE MUST PURIFY OUR COMMUNITIES OF THOSE WHO HAVE COMMITTED THEMSELVES TO EVIL. Let, then, the decimation begin, for it is 100 years overdue...




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