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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You will see this again...

A group of up to 55 teens showed up on another girls doorstep to finish a fight that had started at school a few days earlier.  The kids who showed up were serious.

Two LEO showed up, and as soon as they pulled out the cuffs to start arresting a few in the group...they got their arses whipped.

A nearby fire truck rolled up and turned loose the water cannon, then more LEO rolled in, and the problem wrestled under control.

The takeaway: LEO is not seen as an authority figure if they are outnumbered, even by teenagers.

There will be more of this as things get rougher across the land.

Here's the story.



  1. Reason 9,673,000 to homeschool your children. Posted.

  2. Good thing Bloomberg keeps all of his subjects unarmed, then they can rely on the police to protect them.

    what a joke.

    50 people threatening to kill you should equate to no more than 2 full AR mags


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