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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brief Analysis

The numbers will settle pretty close to current reporting.

My perspective: Santorum peaked at the perfect moment, but I suspect he will fade rapidly just as Newt, Michelle, et al.

Mitt can't get over 25% anywhere (except NH, probably), which indicates that even tonight people are still hungry for an "Anyone-but-Mitt" alternative.  He may just take the nomination with such mediocre numbers, however.

Ron Paul: He will continue to suffer the sabotage of the Establishment, even in the face of Sarah's warning that doing so will backfire.  The Establishment doesn't respect her any more than they do Ron Paul, so her warning will go unheeded.

The result?  Look for things to get ugly going forward as the political animals tear each other down and an unsatisfied electorate refuses to throw in decisively behind any single candidate.

Look for the R's to hand President Obama the election.

Hillary: WaPo floated her as VP again, expanding the field of professional D's that are flirting with a subversive assault on the Obama machine.  This will be the real story of the election cycle, I'm afraid.  Will they keep Obama or whisper in his ear that he needs to go back to Chicago and look into running for King of the World, because as President it just isn't working out.

And for Patriots: Prep harder.  It matters who we send into office this November, but we will not be able to send anyone who is able to thwart the coming ugliness.



  1. Agreed.

    This is not unexpected, quite the contrary as you have eluded, expected.

    Folks it is what it is, the machine will prevail, it will hinge on whether the citizens of america recognize the peril we all as little needy peasents kneeling beneath the all giving government recognize.... We are SCREWED.

    Ain't holdin' my breath.

    I am pissed!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I read that the deal would be for Biden and Clinton to swap jobs insuring an Obama victory since the people seem to think highly of her for some strange reason.


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