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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Spreading our message will have more impact if we present consistency.

I offer this graphic to anyone who wants to fly the colors, as it were.

My First Principle:

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.  ~ Thomas Jefferson



UPDATE: As with many of the best things in our community, this new evolution is a result of people working together.  CA suggested reworking the image and the result is what you see.  He deserves full credit for this evolution, because I wouldn't have done it without the prompt - and we are all better for it.  ~ K


  1. Yeah. What Brock said.
    Patches, flags, window stickers, etc. Become more visible and invite more questions, you know?

  2. Absolutely

    I really like the flag idea. Only cause i wanna fly it.

    I'll chip in for any origination fees needed to get the template off the ground or whatever.

    This may prove positive.


  3. Or if I can help in getting it off the ground, Let me know, We can help.

  4. Could the America527 proceeds be applied to such a project? It seems a noble cause.

  5. Nice design....but it does have a problem: It skews the objective.

    The Patriot Community's objective is, "Restoration of Constituional Government" not 'resistance'.

    Resistance is a tactic to achieve that end.

    I suggest that the tactic will be conflated with the objective and once that occurs, we're really in trouble. Why? Simply, we'll have trained FREFOR that resisting is more important than restoration, and it may just lead to anarchy.

    And really, the patch/flag/sticker design doesn't need the word added to the symbolism already there.

  6. Very good! Maybe resist at the top,and restore at the bottom. Just a thought. Thanks!


  7. We might contact Kent from the below site as he has a company that makes flags for him and see what they would charge.


    Also Kronberg Flag out of Houston is a reputable company. I'll give them a call and see what the start up charge is and min runs.

  8. America527 is tasked with issue advocacy: Raising awareness for Restoration and related efforts. So, it is well-positioned for patches, stickers, flags, et cetera, to help achieve those goals.

    If America527 makes a margin per unit, that "profit margin" can be dumped right back into the process, either buying the next set of items, handing out more books, helping defray costs for a few Patriots heading to TL's Summit, or whatever effort comes next.

    As a political movement we need to grow, or it will only be the same small group of people carrying all the weight. As you have all recognized, if we have promotional material it starts conversations which, hopefully, will lead to more people in the Movement.

    I have resigned myself to the fact that asking for money is simply a requirement if we intend to grow politically. I hate it, but it is reality. Selling items that help to grow the Movement takes some of the sting out of it, and handing out the odd knife or gift helps...but I want to avoid falling into the perception that we are profiteering.

    Bottom line: I am 100% behind expanding our line of promotional items to help spread the word and build cohesion. I want to noodle-through a few things to ensure we maximize our efforts.

    As I do this, I'd ask that all of you invest some thought into this question: What will be the most effective promotional item(s) to reach our goals? Secondly: What is the best way to invest our money that has been raised through promotional sales: Should we explore the media buy concept that was recently discussed at WRSA? Do we put all of our energy into the III book? Do we...

    I have my ideas on these things, but this is a group effort and I hope you'll all weigh-in so we can plot a course that has broad support.

    Think about it.


  9. Trainer - I don't see how the start of Restoration would even be possible without Resistance.
    I think Kerodins' design is perfect. Without the word "Resist", it'll just be another symbol. The word will be what provokes questions and provides answers.

  10. Wirecutter - I thought it was fairly clear; resistance is not the objective of the patriot community. Resistance is a tactic to achieve the objective of restoration...conflating a tactic with an objective can be troublesome.

    Just an opinion...

  11. My point exactly, but you're not going to achieve restoration without resistance. There hasn't been a widespread resistance since the 1860s and what's happened? Look around. We must resist or we're going to keep going down the slope to self destruction. Our ballots won't work anymore as long as there are sheeple voting a man in office simply because of his race, or name, or whatever - anything but his commitment to his Nation. We MUST resist or we'll just keep complaining.

  12. The Omega sign represents resistance and finality. Also, most of the drooling masses have no idea what it means.

  13. Trainer, Wirecutter, we're NOT going to come up with a perfect publication, flag, bumper sticker, etc. No matter how long and hard we try, we'll still find flaws with whatever we see.

    But time is a precious commodity and we can't afford to waste any of it. We need to come up with SOMETHING to grab - if not the sheep, then the sheep dogs. There are thousands of sheep out there who we could waste our time and effort on with no appreciable benefit. Sure, a few would understand and rally with us but there's a bunch of sheep-dogs out there that can push their particular band of sheep in the right direction. I'm referring to people who have the respect of a somewhat larger group, preachers, educators, etc. I know, they're mostly hopelessly liberal, but not all of them. I know two or three Methodist pastors who routinely carry and are as conservative as any of us. There have to be more.

    I suggest we run with what we have and carry it to Church and to PTA meetings. Granted, most of the people there will consider us a bunch of kooks, but they already do that so what's to lose?

  14. Someone has to make an executive decision for the design and run with it. While all the ideas are percolating for the next few days/weeks for a design/logo, just remember that it has to be consistent. No exceptions. Once that the decision has been made, no going back. No changes. Just my two cents from a former advertising agency employee.

    Dee Jay

  15. Agreeing wholeheartedly with Dee Jay and Oldfart.
    I feel that it's Kerodins' design and he alone should make the decision.
    But let's run with it and get the word out.

  16. I already fly a Threeper over the house (circle of 13 stars with a III in the center). No one understands it, and no one asks. This design may just give them enough push to realize what it means. Other than putting 'sometimes you just have to kill the bastards' on it, this will get the message across better than nothing.

  17. How bout RESIST
    to RESTORE

  18. Personally, I don't find Resist to be counter productive.

    If PC is the goal screw it I got no use for another walking the fence political statement.

    "Resist" is not a statement of guns in the street, anarchy. It is the anitipathy to the oppression America finds itself in.



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