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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consider Evil upon your daughters...

Consider: You find a man or woman whispering into the ear of your nine year old daughter encouragement to shed her clothing and participate in sex with the whisperer.

No contact has been made. No touches. Only whispers and enticement.

Where is drawn the line for recourse you have as a mother or father as regards the whisperer?

Now, replace the whispered enticements of sex with those of the pleasures of torturing small animals.

What if the whispers were calling your little one to try a puff of the magic cigarette, or championing the feelings to be found after swallowing the little oxy pill?

What if the whispers were raised to speaking level, moved to a classroom, and the enticements were to the goals and values of Communism?

Do not all of the offered scenarios lead to the suffering of your child, deviancy from "proper" and "moral" behaviors, and ultimately a life of unhappiness and sad death?

I snatched the image above from Alex Jones' site. To those of us who are old enough and studied enough, we recognize all that is happening around us as a hardline push toward Communism, in the guise of "fairness" and "equality". It has flavors of fascism, but in the end, it is the same.

I have seen all of this in my lifetime, in other lands. Now it is here.

I, for one, know where Communism must lead for those sad souls who must endure it as a system of governance upon them.

Is it not self defense to beat the snot out of the person who offers your nine year old daughter sex, or drugs, or the pains that will come from Communism? Is it beyond self defense if the whisperer dies?

I have answered these questions for myself. I will not encourage you to answer them in Comments - no sense writing the indictment for the Communists who will prosecute you.

But I do encourage you to answer these questions for yourself, and steel your Soul for acting upon your answers. I encourage this because, my fellow Patriots, the Communists are among us, they are whispering, and they are imposing their will at full volume. They will have their way, and in Communist tradition, they will simply kill those who object. They are coming hard, right now, and 2012 will see this clash of intent between those who intend to be Masters, and those who intend to have Liberty.

Think about it.



  1. I will answer because I am not afraid. ANYONE who even THINKS about harming my daughters will die a slow, excruciatingly painful death. "I learned a thing or two from Charlie don't ya know"...

  2. A lesson will have to be taken from those Communists. There will be a brutal battle between the host and the parasites. Those unwilling will have freedom forced upon them. They will Live Free or Die. Period. Their choice.


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