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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please protect us...

The other day I wrote of Anarchy, the absence of Government.

The concept of Liberty - true Liberty as defined by Jefferson - scares most people. Who alive in America today has ever lived without the structure of Government and the pressure of conformity from pre-school until death? The thought of being solely responsible for oneself is simply inconceivable to most. For those who dare consider the potential, they tremble.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who even comes close to advocating Liberty and a push for smaller Federal Government. Tonight the GOP Primary voters in Florida who sided with Paul's outlook, more Liberty and less Government, accounted to about 7% of those who bothered to vote.

That means 93% of those on the right side of the political spectrum voted for less Liberty and more protection of Government.

When we spoke of Deadwood and the pop culture depiction of Anarchy, we stopped our contemplations before annexation. When the powerful men of Deadwood understood that one way or another the Government of the East would impose itself upon the camp, they took action and set up the infrastructure of their own governance as a buffer.

A group of the more powerful men in Deadwood ended up appointing Seth Bullock as Sheriff, making him responsible for protecting the peace. Bullock was the sort of man who took it upon himself often to stand up for the weak...he was well-disposed to the position.

But the fact is that most of the people in camp welcomed the idea of a fair and moral man with a badge and gun, who would provide some protection from the whims and will of powerful men. And the fact is further that 97% of the GOP voters in Florida tonight aligned themselves with the desire to be protected, at the expense of Liberty.

If 97% of the R's want State protection, and 100% of the D's want State protection, aligned with the FSA who simply want free stuff taken from your wallets, you do understand where that puts the odds for a return to genuine Liberty in America?

Most people want a Seth Bullock prowling the dangerous world to protect them from the animals among us...be those animals of the violent variety or merely the swindling variety. At least 97% of our Republican Countrymen have no stomach for protecting themselves, they'd rather contract it out.

And when amoral or immoral men wear the badges and become the enforcers of the will of the powerful animals in society, as we have today...



  1. In 1915 the Progresssives figured out that rhe places to destroy in American Culture for thier won sucsess were the education system and Religion. A direct assult on the school room and the pulpit were deemed to fail, and they would have, but by getting the "right" sort of person into the Universities and Seminaries to infuse thier vision they have, over time, destroyed the American ideal of the rugged induvidualist. We will not beable to change that over night but we must start. I have ordered several of the Platforms for distrubution to my family (and a replacement for the one I gave to another). We need to teach that self-reliance is the better way and that it can be done easly. It is and will be a slow process and we must find allies with similer core values.



  2. Here is the truth, as I have come to accept. Our society is nothing more than a bunch of self centered, egotistical, blind sheep. They can't see the truth, they can't hear the truth, and they don't even realize there is truth. I have come to accept that hope is lost for this country. Although I pray my son and grandchildren will inherit a greater freedom than I, the sad truth is that I am pessimistic. Our country is overloaded with liberals, queers, and atheists. Our country's debt is unrecoverable. We slaughter millions of unborn children, yet claim to trust in God on our money. I am proud to be an American on one hand, yet terribly ashamed of her on another. At this point the best I can do is vote, pray, bring my family to church, store up on food supplies, and keep reloading my ammo. It doesn't take more than the IQ of a fifth grader to see this country slipping into a bottomless shit hole. I really hate to say it, but it will take a catastrophic event that will destroy our country in order for us to return to the God given rights spelled out in our constitution. I am a descendant of one of our country's Declaration of Independence signers. I swell up with pride when I speak to my son of his heritage when I point out his grandfathers name on that document. Who knows, perhaps it will be him or one of my grandchildren that signs a divine inspired document to restore our love of freedom in the United States.

    God bless America and its underground patriots.

  3. I suspect that it will take a major 'incident' to jar the majority of the population awake (if that is possible). Sad to think that this whole mess has been orcharsted for years but if so, it has been both brilliant and with the planned end game in sight for those in power. The few left with 'old fashion' ideas of liberty and freedom will probably be rooted out eventually and disposed of to the cheers of the sheep. Sad ............


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