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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Super Bowl Audience

They will reach millions of people.

Now is the time to hit the Donate Button on the right, so that we can at least start pushing back where NRA, GOA, JPFO, GOP, Tea Party and others refuse.

Here is a tidbit for you: Of the people who come to this website every day, only about 5% have donated or bought an item of III Gear.

Of that 5%, several people have donated more than once and/or bought gear. That is not to castigate those who have not donated or bought gear. Times are tough and money is tight for many of us. Some of you may not think our course is the best, worthy of cash support. I have no quarrel with that.

But imagine where we might be if 50% of those who come here every day dropped just $10 or $20 in the radio fund...

If you believe in the concept of reaching out by radio, we need your support.

Hit the button, please.



  1. They would be against guns, considering folks like them are the rationale behind 2A.

    Will give as I am able!



  2. Got the patch in the mail today. Looks cool. Thanks, bro!

  3. Cheap advertisement?
    I don't know if you watch Glenn Beck, but I do most days (I disagree with Glenn's conclusions, but the information seems to be there most times). Anyway, on his "GBTV" programming, they have a show called "The BS of A" hosted by Brian Sack. It's a 1/2 hour comedy show that takes shots at politics and PC crap.
    They claim to be willing to take sponsorship from anyone. Judging from some of their past sponsors, it appears to be true. Plus, they usually say how much their sponsor paid and I don't think it's been over $200 yet. I like the show, I think it's pretty funny, and it might be worth it to sponsor them for an episode. I don't know any details of what their restrictions might be or what they would do (they typically produce a skit for their sponsor and they have had a disclaimer previously that stated that the sponsor did not endorse and was not a part of the skit they made to promote the sponsor).
    It's just a thought, but I think there are people like me that watch that who might be attracted by it, or at least curious enough to check out the link the BSofA provides (I have gone and looked at several of the sponsors links out of curiosity).
    The email address for their sponsorship is sponsorthebsofa@gbtv.com


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